Love Has No Filter: The Ugly Truth About Online Relationships

Stop texting, start acting!

Let me set the scene for you;

It’s almost 11 pm on a casual Thursday night, and you’re lying in bed (knowing you’ll probably need the sleep so you can celebrate Friday with several glasses of champagne) when you hear your phone telling you – you got mail!

Your brain says no, while your heart (or hormones) says yes, answer the message.

It may be someone you met online; a guy that wouldn’t give you the time of day while in college but only started noticing your absence after you posted a few sexy selfies on Instagram, or just someone too afraid to ask you out on a REAL date, so they opt for texting you instead.

Unfortunately, our generation seems to get caught up on the “idea” of a person, rather than seeing and being with them in the flesh. We replace actual feelings with digital ones, instant gratification over social media and basing our self-worth on the amount of likes received. We think because someone keeps texting us we’re automatically in a relationship – only we fail to realize we’re caught up in a digital one.

So let’s take a step back and analyze this “digital relationship,” shall we?

You’re writing each other all the time, and reveal your deepest thoughts to this person – by text, of course. However, how many times have you seen this person? Gone out for a movie? Went to Starbucks for an actual conversation and coffee?

Let me guess…none?

The truth behind digital relationship is the idea that you’ve committed yourself to a real one – when, in reality, a relationship without seeing each other once in the while in person cannot seriously be classified as a relationship.

Love has no filter, so why should you need to restrict communication through messaging only?

Have you ever asked why this person chooses to keep you at a safe distance?

Are they dating someone and keeping you as an option?

Are they too f*cking afraid of facing you in real-life?

Therefore, let me ask you something: are you benefiting from this “digital” relationship? Or would you rather have a warm relationship with someone who is proud to be seen with you?

Our digital feelings are far more fragile while we keep our real feeling locked up. We wait for an answer, we wait for instant gratification, we wait for the person to stop texting and start acting.

We wait and wait and wait until we realize our digital lives aren’t as fun as they may seem to the naked eye.

When you start taking action, and surround yourself with the people who love you for who you are, the need for instant gratification and countless notifications won’t seem as important. I can guarantee it. 

You deserve someone who not only texts you at their convenience, but actually shows up when you need them.

You deserve someone who shows you their feelings (scary thought, isn’t it?) and isn’t afraid to share their life with you.

So, put down the phones and look around you. Your future partner in life may be standing right in front you, while you’re too busy responding to the person who would rather hide behind their phones.

Well millennials, what are you waiting for?

Featured image via Keira Burton on Pexels


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