Your Ultimate Guide To Spiritual Healing And Psychic Readings

It is probably fair to say that thanks to advances on all fronts, including technology, medicine and space travel, we are living in the most exciting, yet emotionally destabilizing, time of the history. Given that life sometimes seems unpredictable on an unprecedented level, alternative sources of certainty and calm, such as tarot, have become mainstream methods of coping with change, from the UK to New York. Whether you call it a nuance of the New Age, mystical or just plain “out there,” tarot, psychic healing and numerology are becoming sought-after sources of guidance.

Telling it like it is with tarot cards

The practice of tarot readings goes back for centuries, and today tarot readings can even be done with the help of technology, on the phone or even online.  Tarot readings are best performed by an intuitive or someone who is able to connect to the metaphysical.

The Major Arcana is usually able to pinpoint significant life events, whether past, present or future. The Minor Arcana represents different areas in your life through cups (relationships and creativity), swords (choices, power and intelligence), pentacles (opportunities) and wands (progress and spirituality).

There are numerous reports on both the Major Arcana and Minor Arcana cards being  alarmingly accurate. Take, for example, the current Princess Mary of Denmark, who visited a tarot reader on a whim at a local flea market in Australia. The reader told her that her life was about to change — she would meet a man from overseas, move to be with him and be well-known all over the world. This, of course, is exactly what happened.

Tarot isn’t so much about the future as it is about understanding both your present and the influences shaping it. It is like being shown how the pieces of a puzzle fit together. This is why even when people sometimes receive news they do not like in their tarot cards, they still leave with a greater sense of calm.

Spiritual healing and psychic readings

Not all psychics are created equally, but when you find the right one, it can be a serenely uplifting spiritual encounter. What distinguishes a good psychic healer from a great one is the integrity of the reading — something you can pick up straight away — and the ability to move you forward on your life’s path.

Of course, psychics also deal with specifics, but a psychic who is also a healer will help you understand lessons, handle them with grace and move forward with greater confidence. As these esoteric healers are often able to impart knowledge to you and about you, thanks to their guides, angels and higher sources, psychics emphasize empowering you so that the future is less daunting.

 Pick a number

Numerology is less about predicting the future and more about helping you understand your passion and purpose, making you resilient in the face of obstacles and helping you overcome self-sabotaging tendencies. It also incorporates some aspects of astrology, in that your date of birth and the energy surrounding it provides greater depth to your numerology reading.

Your life path number is where the process starts, as it conveys the core of your personality and which capacity of service suits you best. The life path “1,” for example, indicates that you are a born leader, while “9” indicates that you are a humanitarian. Students of numerology are able to divulge an incredible amount of detail about you based on only a few numbers — how broad or narrow you need a reading to be is up to you.

In a period marked by destabilization, numerology and psychic healing are trailblazing beacons of serenity and hope for the future.

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