10 Things Your Man Does That Makes You Excited For Kids

There’s a special breed of woman who just have that “mom gene” or maternal-instincts-on-fleek. This may be discovered within oneself at a young age when you are given a kitten to take care of, or maybe later in life when you become someone’s role model. It is also perfectly okay to never feel this way and live one’s life without having children.

However, for those ladies who (like myself) have this burning desire within themselves to care for and nurture a tiny human, there are some things that our partners do that drive us lustfully crazy. The kinds of things that we would just sit for hours watching them do and be perfectly content doing so. Some of these things go as follows…

1. When you see your partner interact with a baby for the first time.

Even better is when a baby is crying, and then they pick it up and start rocking it, and the crying stops, but you start crying because it’s such a beautiful sight to see what it would look like when they have a baby of their own. It literally feels like the gates to heaven have opened and all is right in the world.

2. When they play host at a party.

And they look all cute maintaining the house while also entertaining the guests. They keep saying things like “our home” and “here’s a coaster”. I think I need a ventilator because I can’t breathe from all this adultness and the wanting to go Pin more stuff to my wedding Pinterest board.

3. Finding the secret list of baby names in your partner’s phone.

Even though you’re probably mentally veto-ing half the names on the list, you can’t help but swoon from knowing that they have actually thought about the potential of having kids. It’s also a bonus when a couple of names on the list aren’t half bad, and have the potential of being middle names (because us woman obviously get to choose all first names). Obviously.

4. When they mention adopting your first pet together.

The only thing that’s as precious as a newborn baby, is a shared pet between you and your partner. Of course a baby requires more work and attention than a puppy, but it’s the point that they want to share taking care of a living thing with you. In the eyes of many couples, their first pet together becomes their pride and joy, and mimics a lot of the milestones you’ll go through with a newborn.

5. Watching them make dinner/fix something/be domestic.

When your partner gets out from under the sink, a little dirty and sweaty, that is such an unf moment. And when you’re making dinner together and he casually pours you glass of wine and tells you to just sit down and relax…swoon

6. Seeing them with their younger siblings/ family members.

See number one, but now add in the fact that the child they’re with now looks slightly like them. Like oh my god, I, literally a fortune-teller looking into the future and seeing my potential husband interacting with what looks like his child. Pinch. Me. Now.

7. The first time you wake up together and it just feels right.

This may be after a month, or maybe even a year, but at some point you’ll wake up in the morning next to them knowing that this is where you belong. All the partners before him no longer matter because you know you don’t want any partners after him. Feeling this confidence in the future you two have puts you at ease as you tango your self into their arms and fall back asleep.

8. Grocery shopping together.

When a guy isn’t afraid to be goofy with you in the grocery aisles, telling you puns and making you laugh with random food, you just have to get tingles. Imagine him telling terrible Dad jokes to a little baby in the cart. So. Adorable.

9. When they take care of you.

Not only is it suppppper romantic and adorable seeing them take care of you for once. But you also get a glimpse of how they’ll be when your future kids say “Daddy, I don’t feel good.” Good luck not getting pregnant.

10. When they discuss the goals they have for you and your kids.

Because honestly, what more does a woman want. A man who wants kids, just as much as you.

All in all, seeing a partner do any and all these things will make any maternal woman’s’ ovaries scream with joy and excitement. Envisioning what life would be like with them as a co-parent is almost as exciting as DILF’s from Disneyland’s Instagram (can I get an AMEN ladies?). It is also reassuring knowing that in them doing these things above, that they are demonstrating their paternal skills as well; which is such a bonus for most millennials struggling to find true love.

Featured image via Amina Filkins on Pexels


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