Twitter Proves There’s More Than One Way To Put On A Bra

So many parts of our daily routines become automatic actions we could complete in our sleep. Have you ever questioned if you are brushing your teeth or washing your hair the “right” way? Probably not.

However, one brave Twitter user recently sparked a major debate just by asking a simple question: How do you put on your bra?

The infographic shows two different ways to strap on that dreaded tata holder. But what the internet quickly learned is that there seem to be many ways to slice this pie.

In addition to clasping in the front then twisting or simply doing the awkward back reach, Twitter users provided these exciting ways to get the job done.

Then there’s people who like to live on the wild side…

As a firm back-clasper myself, I decided to do some internet research on this topic. Turns out, WikiHow, YouTube, and most other websites I found also insist that the best method is to clasp in the back. However, BuzzFeed conducted a quiz a few years ago that revealed many people feel clasping in the front then twisting their bra around is sort of a life hack.

So, now it’s your turn! Tell us how you put on your bra in the comments. Maybe we can all learn something new!

Feature Image by Camila Cordeiro on Unsplash


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