How To Choose Between Two Appealing Job Offers

Entering the job market may seem difficult at first. It may feel like you’ll never land a job, even after you’ve had countless interviews. You wonder if your dream job will ever materialize or if you should just settle for the first job offers you receive. After all, any job is better than no job, right?

Then, a miracle happens: you receive two job offers. 

Both job offers look incredible on paper. What’s more, they’re both in your field and could move you in the direction of your dream career. But you can only choose one. 

How do you make such a difficult decision about your future job?

First,  research both companies. 

Do the companies’ overall missions align with your beliefs? Do the companies engage in charity work or support causes you feel passionate about?  Does each company have employee benefits? Do they offer decent health insurance, retirement savings, and time off? Do the companies allow you the opportunity to advance? Take note of the benefits each company offers so that you can compare side-by-side.

Next, analyze the pay. 

Stack your proposed salaries or hourly wages against the job duties and expectations. Does the pay rate seem fair? Is it a living wage? Does one company pay significantly better than the other? Whether we like it or not, salary is an important aspect to analyze when we have to choose between two jobs. After you’ve researched both companies and compared the pay, look at yourself. 

Where do you feel like you could really thrive? Where do you see yourself fitting in? Listen to your heart before you make the final decision.

At the end of the day, your happiness and overall job satisfaction should play the most important role in your decision. Compare the data and trust your intuition. Allow yourself a solid 24 hours to think before you accept either of the job offers because if you pause and listen to your heart, you’ll know exactly which job to choose. 

What advice did you find most helpful? What else have you done to decide between two dream jobs? Share your decision-making skills with us in the comments!

Feature Image by from Pexels


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