Why My Opinion Of Meghan Markle Changed Once She Became Royalty

Meghan Markle has always been someone in Hollywood who I actually respected. She was passionate about her career and using her publicity to promote charitable projects, and she was determined to make a change in the world. So when she became romantically linked to Prince Harry, I thought they would be a great fit because they had so many similar passions.

But once the fairytale wedding was over, I began to feel sorry for the new Duchess of Sussex. Becoming a member of the royal family is obviously daunting and who wouldn’t be overwhelmed with the entire lifestyle change she was forced into undeniably quick? I understood why she often looked uncomfortable in photos at events and why her fashion choices were always so questionable; it’s a lot to take in and a lot of sacrifices to make. But then the news headlines became gradually more worst and it ultimately made me not like her anymore.

To me, when you are involved in something as large as the royal family, I do believe it is important to obtain those standards set by higher people in the monarchy. Following rules and traditions that have always been expected unfortunately come with the package of marrying a prince and it oddly confuses me that she can’t seem to accept that.

While I agree that some of them are outdated and unnecessary (like always wearing nude nail polish or pantyhose), I believe some should be mandatory, especially in the public eye. That’s how the royals continue to flourish and that’s their main role as public figures. They need to set a standard and a presence while representing the royal family.

I do find her empowering in the sense that she has broken royal protocol on numerous occasions and for things as simple as hugging a commoner or closing a car door for herself, even holding hands with her husband. She’s still obtained her independence and sense of normalcy to an extent, but when will she get the hint that her rebellion is painting her as an awful brat.

Tabloids have turned this passionate, ambitious and humble woman to a bratty girl who is earning a reputation as being difficult to work with. In my heart of hearts, I do not believe a lot of the rumors, but it’s so disheartening to see someone who has made such an influence and enforced change be labelled as something she’s not.

Maybe she’s deemed as ‘Duchess Difficult’ because the people who work for her aren’t used to dealing with an independant woman or one who simply does not want to be tied to the monarchy for what they stand for. And maybe she’s acting differently because she’s still becoming adjusted to being secluded from the real world and all sense of normalcy, and maybe the attention is causing her to have an identity crisis. But I just hate seeing her on magazines now.

I hate hearing stories of how she doesn’t dress up enough for public events, how she always wears her hair in a messy bun that looks “slobbish,” how she wore bare feet to a beach, how she wants to include her mother into traditions (which she absolutely should be able to, might I add), and that she’s continuously making staff members quit because she’s a difficult woman to deal with (even though I firmly believe she is not). And I really hate how they are now criticizing her for how she chooses to touch her baby bump. She’s entitled to touch herself however she freaking pleases.

I guess I hate seeing her name in the news mainly because it makes me feel sorry for her. All of the progressive work she’s done to make this world a better place has been discredited and she’s truly lost all independence. I feel sorry for her and it hurts me to see how such a kind, pure soul and her reputation are being tarnished and torn to pieces.

Whether it’s the press who have converted my opinion of the Duchess of Sussex or maybe her true colors are finally being shown, I have to admit, I really don’t like seeing her in the media anymore because of the new reputation she has earned herself. And I hope that once the transition from Hollywood actress to Duchess has been completed and she’s use to her new role, that she will have the same powerful effect as she had before.  

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