Emma Watson Launches Sexual Harassment Legal Advice Line

Emma Watson has always been an inspiration to women everywhere.

In both Harry Potter and the present, Watson has shown women everywhere beauty and grace on the big screen. Moreover, she’s shown us that women can be everything: intelligent, politically active, and willing to speak out.

Emma Watson’s latest project shows us once again that she is beyond inspirational. She’s launched a legal advice helpline alongside Time’s Up UK to help women who’ve experienced sexual harassment in the workplace. What’s more, her organization is the only free legal helpline where women can connect with specialists. In her words, it’s “completely staggering.” I have to say, I completely agree.

1 in 2 women face sexual harassment in the workplace, according to Watson herself.

Let that sink in for some perspective. Despite living in the #MeToo era, that’s 50% of women facing sexual harassment in their workplace. Workplaces should safe for everyone, and no one should face harassment in their place of work.

Watson is urging women to learn and understand their rights in the workplace, which is the goal of this hotline. Public donations (including Watson’s own) fund the hotline. Time’s Up UK’s justice and equality fund and the UK Fund for Women and Girls backs the line as well. The Rights of Women charity provides the advice that the survivors need. 

Rights of Women senior legal officer, Deeba Syeed, told The Guardian that sexual harassment is a “hidden problem” that has become an epidemic. 

The purpose of this advice line is to empower women and help them understand their rights in the workplace. Syeed has said, “By advising women about their legal options and increasing their understanding of equalities and discrimination law, we will be able to help them make informed choices about next steps, including how to navigate the legal system with confidence.”

Emma Watson and Deeba Syeed have both proven to be inspirational women with confidence, and this helpline can bring more awareness to women in need. Also, they will hopefully help women in need. So spread this important word to those everywhere. It’s worth every mention.

Thank you to Emma Watson, Time’s Up UK, and everyone else behind this brilliant, necessary hotline. 

If you are in England or Wales and facing sexual harassment in the workplace, please utilize this new resource. The number for the advice line is 020 7490 0152. 

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  1. by:Anthony J Trimboli of Howard Beach, NYC- You know, that is good how Emma Watson is going into her own fight against sexual harassment there. I live here in NYC NY and with MTA New York City Transit, they have these signs up about how sexual harassment is not allowed on the trains down there. Weird place to sexually harass there but yes I guess it is common. I hope Emma Watson fights hard against this.


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