What Men Find Even Sexier Than Lingerie

Have you ever wondered what men thought was sexier than lingerie? This has been a passing conversation among my girlfriends and I, and we all have a different opinions about it. But we have never gotten a male’s opinion. We all know what makes us feel sexy and everything, but it would be good to know what men find sexy in women, other than lingerie, of course!

So, I have accumulated answers from three of my guy friends on what they think is sexier than lingerie.

Guy 1: 19 years old Guy 2: 20 years old Guy 3: 25 years old

What do you find sexier than lingerie in terms of clothing?

Guy 1: I think booty shorts because they emphasize a girl’s butt a lot while still showing legs. For me personally, I like girls with thick thighs, so when a girl’s wearing booty shorts it’s double the sexy because of the thighs and the booty. Or even leggings, simply because it’s thin enough to be considered clothing, and not thin enough to be showing a lot. It’s like seeing a girl’s lower half-naked but not really naked.

Guy 2: Definitely pencil skirts because they define the butt more, and it outlines the female’s “hourglass figure”.

Guy 3: It’s sports apparel for me because it seems like they can be very fit, healthy and active; they can perform their own action. I don’t really go for lingerie that much because women don’t really need to wear lingerie to get a man’s attention.

How about a part of a woman’s face that you find sexy?

Guy 1: Dimples/cheek bones/jaw lines because all of those just make your smile nicer. When a girl is with me and she smiles a lot, she looks good and light comes out of her. She just looks like she’s straight out of a movie.

Guy 2: Eyes because it’s just amusing to see a girl with good eyes. And by good eyes, I mean how big it is, how small, and the color of them.

Guy 3: Eyes because it just sucks you in, especially the colour of their eyes. I’m going to quote Scarface because I think it epitomizes what I just said: “the eyes chico, they never lie” and I think that’s the truth. Oh, and their smile because it captures your attention. Their smile shows you that she’s someone you want to hang out with, and she has a positive vibe.

While we’re on the subject of face parts, what about a woman’s body part that you find sexy?

Guy 1: Their heart because even if she’s not attractive, if she has a good heart and a great personality, she’s a keeper and you’ll always be attracted to her. Or her mind, you won’t be able to find a beautiful mind like hers. It’s not something you can improve on artificially, it’s something you have.

Guy 2: Definitely their curves, thighs, and booty. I mean, they’re just sexy. It’s just how it is, and it’s more appealing in the eyes. It makes your heart beat faster than lingerie.

Guy 3: The collarbone has always fascinated me because of how artists nowadays portray it. It’s very sensual. So are their hips, I mean it has many languages to every woman; it just gives the composure of whether they can move about their ways.

What’s something a woman does that you find extremely sexy?

Guy 1: When she’s being independent, even though she’s being stubborn. Ultimately, when she does her own thing, and watching her doing it.

Guy 2: When she dresses really well, and when she’s so busy doing her own thing that she doesn’t even have time to talk to other guys. Basically, someone who has their priorities straight.

Guy 3: An independent, strong-willed woman who is unapologetic about how she puts herself out there, and she knows how to handle herself rather than having a man do things for her.

Overall, what do you find sexier than lingerie?

Guy 1: When she’s wearing one of your clothes, or just baggy clothes, in general.

Guy 2: Their personality and how they interact with others. There are a lot of hot girls who are not kind and do not have a great personality, so it’s a turn off. It’s something I really look for in people.

Guy 3: When they’re wearing no bra because you can see through, exactly like the free the nipple movement.

This survey shows the different opinions men have on beauty and the appearance of a woman. Although people are heavily influenced by the media, especially with appearances, it is very clear that men find a great personality sexier than the curves of a woman. It does not matter how you look, as long as you are kind to others, any guy will find you sexy.

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