You Should Celebrate National Kitten Day By Adopting A Kitty

July 10 marks National Kitten Day!

All cat lovers look forward to this day because we can enjoy all the cute cat videos without any shame. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a cat or a dog person, though. You can’t deny that tiny kittens are one of the sweetest pets out there. Unfortunately, many of them end up abandoned in the wild or left in shelters.


The average female cat gives birth to 3 kittens per litter. Unfortunately, many people aren’t willing to care for these newest additions and simply leave them. Since shelters are overflowing, it’s important to consider adoption when adding to your family. 

So, in honor of National Kitten Day, let’s discuss adopting kittens!

Cats are fully ready for adoption at 3 months old. Young cats are lively and energetic, which makes them perfect companions for people who live alone. Since they do enjoy their time alone as well, you won’t feel guilty about leaving them when you go to work. On the other hand, they also enjoy playtime and everything involving jumping and meowing. A little kitten will definitely keep you busy!


These days, there’s no shortage of kittens in shelters. There are also many families with mother cats who are looking for homes for the kittens. The options are unlimited! Additionally, if you adopt from a shelter, you will save two lives: the kitten you’re adopting and another one who can now enter the shelter!

On top of that, petting kittens decreases your blood pressure and calms you down. In this hustle culture, we could all use more relaxation with a purring friend next to us. Owning a kitten also makes you more responsible. You’re caring for a little life.


So, do yourself a favor and consider adopting a kitten today! You will feel happier and less lonely. Not to mention, you can create your own supply of cute cat photos and videos!

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Featured image via Olgaozik on Pixabay


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