The Secrets Hidden Behind An Over-Thinker

The impact of over thinking is a very strange but normal occurrence with both males and females, but it is very powerful. When you deal with an over-thinker, you don’t see the thinking, just like everyone else, but you will one day be reminded of the occurrence. This over-thinker remembers everything, but maybe not exactly the way it happened.

Overthinking causes many problems in life. When you overthink, tension appears between people. It creates space and makes life seem so much harder than it needs to be. These over-thinkers take each situation, every word, every argument, and every statement and try to find the meaning behind each word. So when you’re talking to an over thinker that’s what they’re doing, they’re not listening, they’re thinking. And that’s the problem; these people never stop. Their brains are always moving.

I am personally an over thinker and I can say it is very real. My brain doesn’t stop, I even dream about occurrences that could have happened just because I was thinking about it all day, but this is normal to me and other over-thinkers. It is just a part of our routine, we listen, we respond and we think… we think 24/7.

Along with the overthinking, we also have a tendency to daydream. And no, I do not mean we sit and stare at the ceiling and dream. I mean we actively participate in daily activities, but going through our minds are continuous dreams. We dream all day and all night. Which is actually kind of cool. If you think about it, daydreaming sounds like a fun activity. You get to think about anything you want, and can play a whole scenario inside your head all the time. I like to think there are tiny people inside my head who are pulling the strings and having such a great time.

I bet most of you over-thinkers and day dreamers are wondering why I am writing about it because it is something you do not like, you feel it has ruined a few parts of your life. Believe me, I’ve been there. My overthinking lead me to go crazy in relationships, to overthink every sentence, to believe more than I should have, and I even have problems trusting people because I think the worst about people, only because I have already thought about the positives. But it’s not a bad thing, I mean I could have calmed down within a relationship and just had fun but now I think it’s a gift; a gift to be an over-thinker.

Think about it: how ironic of me to say. Your mind is so curious and so active that it needs 24 hours of consistent thinking and consistent dreaming. Just think about how creative you are, think about what you can make from that.

You can do anything.

You can pick up a job and instantly need to know the reasoning behind everything so that you can process each different decision, you can use it to your advantage by dealing with people and being able to understand their train of thought. The possibilities are endless. For me, I’ve turned my overthinking and my daydreaming into a hobby of which I want to someday make a career out of. It has helped me write about everything. It has allowed my headspace to grow into something completely new, it allows me to grow as a person and as a writer because my own train of thought changes all the time.

Take some time to actually think about how you can use your thinking to do something important, to use it as an advantage over those who can not overthink. It is actually quite an amazing gift, I am personally grateful to have it. I am a daydreamer and an over-thinker but I would not change it for anything. I love my sense of thought and you should love yours too.

Featured image via Yarden on Unsplash


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