5 Reasons Being A Cat Lady Is Good For Your Health

There is such a negative connotation with the term “cat lady.” From memes and jokes about cats on dating profiles to the stereotype that a ‘cat lady’ will be forever alone.

Being raised by a cat lady, and being one myself, I’ve found five ways that being a cat lady actually has a positive influence on your health.

1. You are responsible for a living thing.

Having a cat (or cats) literally gives you a reason to wake up in the morning. This small, furry, living creature depends on you completely for everything. So when you’re feeling down, your feline friend and its needs practically force you to get up and move with little reluctance or regret.

2. Being needed is rewarding.

You may not consciously feel it, but a furbaby relying on you provides an immense feeling of self-satisfaction. Especially if you’ve had your cat since kittenhood, you can be proud of not only keeping this creature alive but also shaping its personality and character. If you have a nurturing nature, you can also be proud of the bond you’ve built with your cats.

3. Kitties help humans cope.

Several studies have proven the effectiveness of the emotional support that cats can provide. The unlimited snuggles, purrs, and biscuit-making on blankets can cause a physical reaction in our bodies that promotes calmness. And we all need that after a stressful day at work, a fight with a friend, or a long day battling whatever war we’re fighting.

4. You have unconditional love, even when you feel like you don’t.

The single life, long distance relationships, and breakups put us through struggles and can make us feel very alone. Sometimes in our loneliness, we fail to notice the unconditional love shared between us and our furry companions. This realization, followed by head bonks and nose kisses, is an immediate mood booster and a heart filler.

5. Your cat inevitably makes you laugh.

And laughter is good for everything, even the soul. Playtime with your cat, watching their musings as they “chirp” at birds from the window, and them chasing your toes under the covers definitely give you a good, solid laugh. And laughter is the best medicine, is it not? It cures the rainy day blues and lightens dark moods. Studies have shown that laughter does boost our immune systems!

Being a “cat lady” may have many negative stereotypes, but these five benefits definitely outweigh and outshine that negativity. And think of it this way: if you adopt a cat, you’ll benefit your rescue cats’ health, too.

Featured image via Oleg Ivanov on Unsplash


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