4 Accessories Every Tarot Card Lover Needs To Have

Hi again, guys and dolls! This week I wanted to show you a handful of tarot accessories that have really changed my life and shaped my practice. All of the suggestions below are based off  my personal experience and my super anxious mentality of trying to keep the artwork intact for as long as humanly possible. If you’re a hardcore perfectionist like me or would just like to treat your divining buddies to something new, read on for a few excellent suggestions to enhance the mystical world beyond the fold.

A Dope Bag For Your Cards

I really and genuinely recommend a bag for all your tarot cards! Number one, you’re going to dent either your cards trying to maneuver them around that flimsy cardboard box they ship them to you in. I personally have used an elegant velvet bag for my Druidcraft cards, a sheer bag I got from an essential oil store for my Cute Little Lenormand deck – but my favorite is the Tarotista Arcana case as featured in the picture above. The creatrix takes the size of your cards and creates a fabric container for them, so they slide smoothly in and out of it. It’s protection and fashion all in one.

A Protective Tarot Cloth

Your kitchen table is nasty. I said it. And it’s true. Outside of a bag, you need a cloth to separate your delicate works of art from the same surface you just ate Chipotle off of. I’m not even arguing about this. This could be as simple as a piece of fabric you toss over the surface you’re reading on or as ornate as a gemstone encrusted, velvet masterpiece. Personally, I recommend you go with something that won’t hurt your babies like Moon and Stars cloth from Lo Scarabeo. Cute enough for Instagram, but durable enough to save your cards from the dangers of guacamole.

A Storage System For All Your Tarot Accessories

I know, this sounds ridiculous when you’re first starting out – but once you get going, the crystals, sage, and tarot decks no longer fit on your bedside table. I am unbelievably fortunate to have an antique jewelry cabinet float through the family to me that just magically fits all of my collection, so I personally don’t understand the struggle of not knowing where to put it all. The easiest way to find a storage system is to take your deck to the store and put them in boxes until something fits, but if you’re too afraid of holding tarot cards in public, I recommend this system from Target. It’s large enough for your deck to live in the bottom tier without risking sunlight and your crystals and sage to hang out above it.

Specialized Journaling Paper

Honestly, this is pretty useless until you try it. If you’re anything like me (lol type a or something????), you’ll fall immediately in love with this instant download from Buteo Bunker Booklets. You can print these bad boys off or for a few dollars more, get a premade insert mailed to your home. Whatever speaks to you. Personally, I find this pre-made structure super helpful when I’m digging through a complicated Celtic Cross, and I’m just getting lost in the cards. Do yourself a favor and print yourself off a binder full so you can dive into your spreads right away.

Once again – thank you so much for your continued support for Tarot B*tch. I’m always glad to share my love of the cards with you. Continue your journey with me as we move into week 9 and learn more inspiring and new age-y shit together.

Until next time, y’all!

Featured Image via Pexels


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