6 Ways To Show Your Feline Love On National Hug A Cat Day

This National Hug A Cat Day, let’s all show our feline friends unconditional love. Our kitties are always there for us, no matter what. They cuddle, listen to us and, let’s be real, sleep on our beds. Cat people and dog people have fought since the beginning of time, but today, let’s show our cats why they’re the best (even though they already know it!)

If you’re anything like me, you’ve often looked at you cat and thought, does he know that I love him? Well, the answer is “yes!” Cats can indeed feel human affection. Nevertheless, we still need to keep in mind that our furry feline friends aren’t human, so we have to love them in ways they understand.

Here are six ways to show your cat that you love them:

1. Nose-to-tail rubs


Cats, like any animals, love affection. Some cats prefer that you don’t pet certain parts of their bodies, but most cats find nose-to-tail rubs purrrr-fect. Pet your cat from its nose to the end of its tail, and watch its eyes close in bliss. Studies have suggested that the reason your kitty adores nose-to-tail rubs has something to do with the nerve endings in these spots, but other than that, it’s still a sweet mystery why cats love them so much. This is also a helpful way to find wounds on your cat that you normally wouldn’t notice.

2. Slow blinking


Cats show that they trust, accept, and love you by slowly blinking at you, and you can reciprocate it. If you’re like me and have fun experimenting with different methods of affection for your furry friends, try blinking back at them. In most cases, your kitty will blink right back at you, and you’ll feel blessed.

3. Learning their language


Cats have a specific language in which they communicate, and I’m not just talking about meowing. They can’t speak any human language and don’t like to be ignored, so the only way cats know to get your attention is to vocalize or move their tail and ears. Every cat is different, so there’s no golden rule for figuring out whether your cat wants a second helping of salmon pureé or needs to get out and do its business. Still, learning your kitty’s behavior is one of the main ways you can bond with it.

4. Playing chase and/or fetch


It’s a common misconception that cats can’t play chase or fetch. Cats, similarly to dogs, love play time. Find a toy that your feline friend likes (You can try making a ball out of aluminum foil or simply use a ping-pong ball), throw it, and wait for them to bring it back to you. You’d be surprised how many hours your kitty is willing to spend simply chasing a ball. Playing with cats can increase an owner’s connection with them, which stimulates the affection the cats feel in return.

5. Head-butting


Anyone who has or has had a cat knows this one. Cats love to rub their heads against your legs, but they also enjoy head-butting people. Head-butting is how cats show that they love each other, so if your kitty head-butts you, it’s the ultimate honor You don’t necessarily have to head-butt them back, but you can rub your face against theirs, which is something another cat would do to show them love. Who knows, maybe they will even accept you as one of their own!

6. Sleeping together


Cats, just like humans, have differing personalities. None is alike. Some prefer lots of alone time while others love being around their owner all the time. And with that, here’s the last thing to know about cats – if he sleeps next to you, he loves you. It’s proven by research that cats who sleep next to their owners feel safe around them. We’re all the most vulnerable when asleep since we don’t know what might happen. Hence, when your furball friend sleeps next to you, he trusts and loves you.

No matter what the “dog people” say, cats can be extremely affectionate and cuddly with their owners. Our cats show that they love us every day, so let’s reciprocate and play with our furry friends!

Image credit by Yerlin Matu


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