15 Quirky Things We Did As Children That We All Miss As Adults

As a child, the phrase “Those were the good ol’ days…” sounded like a one-way ticket to senility. I never wanted to feel so discontented with the present that I desperately longed for the past. However, I eventually grew up. Laughing with friends about “the good ol’ days” of childhood brings back a whirlwind of memories, so let me tell you, the nostalgia hits hard.

If you enjoy reminiscing over your childhood, then these 15 quirky childhood memories are just for you!

1. Riding On Grocery Carts

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Despite the fact that we’d rather not be out and about, the boring task of grocery shopping instantly felt more fun from the back of the grocery cart as your parents begged you not to fall.

2. Eating Glue

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When we were children,“Paste Eater” was an abhorrent insult. Nevertheless, during arts and crafts, we all furtively snuck a taste of glue.

3. Giving Ourselves Sharpie Tattoos

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Despite all the more qualified tattoo artists out there, a marker was all we needed to “get inked.”

4. Napping Anywhere

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Our parents constantly encouraged us to sleep, even though we didn’t always comply. Whether we were at school, in the car, or in the middle of a game, older folks always marvelled at how well we could sleep.

5. Putting on Performances

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When our friends came over, we instantly acquired singing and dancing talent. Once we were ready to perform, hair brushes were our microphones, and the coffee table morphed into our stage. Family members lined up to see us in the limelight, and we were happy to entertain them!

6. Building Homemade Forts

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We confiscated every pillow and blanket in the house to create intricate lairs. Although we were able to hide out from our parents, those precarious fort walls heard every secret we told.

7. Digging To China

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We spent recess recruiting anyone with working hands to dig to China. No child ever accomplished the task, but we confidently believed that someday, one of us would achieve the impossible.

8. Living For Book Fairs

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Christmas and birthday money went towards that yearly shopping spree at the Scholastic book fair. We begrudgingly purchased a book to please our parents, but we mostly just coveted the cheesy posters and gimmicky toys.

9. Making Prank Calls

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“Is your refrigerator running? Then you’d better go catch it!” Dialing random numbers to make prank calls, then hanging up laughing, provided us with hours of amusement.

10. Playing The Floor Is Hot Lava

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The hypothetical molten lava on the floor challenged our ninja skills. After setting up a safe course around the burning living room floor, we then jumped and contorted our bodies in an attempt to (hopefully) survive unscathed.

11. Knowing That A Quarter Was A Top-Notch Salary

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Even just 25 cents was sufficient payment for completing even the most arduous chores. In fact, with a quarter here and a dime there, we all thought that we’d reach the highest socioeconomic status.

12. Playing M.A.S.H.

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M.A.S.H. answered all the questions about our future, so we relied on it for all the advice. I definitely planned to host wild, yet classy parties in my mansion… while my friends subsisted in their shacks.

13. Using Toilet Paper Roll Amplifiers

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Toilet paper rolls had the loudest echo. With our trusty cardboard rolls, we swore that we could communicate with aliens.

14. Instantly Running Faster with New Shoes

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Childhood science proved that new shoes increased running speeds, so we put that theory to the test. Bonus points if you had light-up sneakers that illuminated each stride you took.

15. Skating On Friday Nights

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The skating rink was the place to be at the end of the week. With the wind in our hair and the music blasting, we felt invincible.

I’d sacrifice it all to live those “good ol’ days” of childhood again, but missing childhood simplicity is a significant part of maturing into an adult. While I once eager to grow up quickly, I wish I had appreciated my former whimsical innocence. Those precious years elapse in an instant, but now we can relive them through our fond memories.

What quirky things did you do as a kid? Share with us in the comments!

Photo by Mohammad Sanaei on Unsplash


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