Ladies, Who Gives A Damn If You Want To Have Casual Sex

Despite casual sex being so common, it’s still a controversial topic for many. We’re living in a time when ladies all over the world combat sexism — it’s truly a historical moment for female empowerment. So, why is it that we still deem casual sex inappropriate? Why do we have to make excuses for it?

It’s normal to ask yourself many questions before having casual sex. After all, we’re women, and we tend to overthink. If we don’t do it before, we certainly make up for it later. We’re emotional beings, so it’s bound to happen at some point along the way. 

We ask ourselves many questions: Should I feel good for having casual sex? Is it normal that I feel bad after? Why do I keep doing this when I know the emotional rollercoaster that follows upsets me? Do I even think this guy is good in bed?

To fight these assumptions, I’m here to talk about women having casual sex with no judgment.

Let’s be honest: Casual sex is asking yourself, “Do I sleep with him now, or do I wait until later?” That’s all it really is when it comes down to making the right decision. Don’t let other people’s opinions affect your urges.   

Why should we care about what people think about who and when we choose to have sex? If you want to have sex with someone and the other person is a consenting adult, no one has the right to stop or judge you.

And if you’re worried about getting hurt or feeling “too attached,” your first few hookups will show you if you can handle this type of lifestyle. But even after you can’t be emotionless, but you still want to hookup, do it anyway. Don’t let your emotions stop you from unique sexual opportunities. Recreational sex is a fun and different experience like no other!

There are always two sides to everything. Sex with a stranger or semi-frequent hookup buddy can dull a spark that you thought sex once had. But that shouldn’t deter you from doing it anyway. In the same way, sex with a significant other can grow old fast as well — don’t use a random excuse. Instead, figure out what you want.

The way you view sex changes depending on with whom you’re sleeping. If you’re in a romantic relationship, you may tend to seek a more profound physical connection in bed. You know, more romantic stuff. But with a late-night fling, you may expect wilder sex. It all comes down to your needs and wants.

At the end of the day, if you’re attracted to someone, you’re attracted to someone. 

You may not love their personality, but you may love the way they look. And that’s okay. It’s natural to be attracted to someone physically, and those types of connections exist and are very common. In our culture, sex is a taboo topic that only heightens the stigma surrounding emotions when it could be raw — you just want to screw them — nothing more, nothing less. 

Don’t let the idea that women only have sex with men in hopes of luring them into a relationship. That’s not always the case. Nor is it that only men can have emotionless sex. But please, for the love of everything good in this world, don’t let anyone slut shame you because you enjoy or have had casual sex. 

Anyone can have casual sex, regardless of their gender. It’s all about how you own it (and how you bone it). Just enjoy yourself and be safe.

Featured image via Danielle Reese on Pexels


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