5 Signs You Know You Have Found The One

Through fairy tales and story books, children grow up believing there is one person out there for them. Through some magic, they will find the one and sparks will fly. However, as children turn into adults, it doesn’t take long to realize that magic doesn’t really exist and you can’t rely on fantasies to navigate life.

Yet, deep down, nobody really gives up on the idea that the right person is out there for them. If you’ve been dating someone for a while, and you’re smitten with one another, you may be wondering if that person will play an important role in your future. The answer is completely up to you, but here are some elements to look  for along the way.

1. You Don’t Mind Sacrifices

You know you’ve fallen in love when you don’t mind walking an extra mile or two for the other person. You find you don’t mind doing a lot of things that you wouldn’t have been willing to do for other people.

Before you start shopping for engagement rings, take your time to make sure this feeling lasts. When relationships are new, people find themselves in a state of euphoria. Do you know that couple that always fights, breaks up, and then gets back together? They’re trying to get back to that euphoric state. If you have to force it, it probably isn’t right.

2. They Will Sacrifice For You

Just as you are willing to make sacrifices for them, they are willing to make sacrifices for you. Sacrifices come in many different forms. Maybe you love opera. The right person will love to go to the opera just so they can be with you.

3. You Care What Friends and Family Say

Your friends and family will have an opinion about the person you are dating. Let them get to know the person you’re dating so they can make an informed opinion. Quite often, people rush to judgment before they know a person well.

Of course, you care what your friends and family think of your new love interest because they want what’s best for you. If they’re crazy about the new person in your life, that’s a positive sign. If they have issues, take notice of whether they’re trivial or not.

If they don’t like their hair, that’s trivial and they’ll get over it. If they’re taking notice that the person treats you a certain way that they shouldn’t, then you should take note of what they’re seeing that you aren’t.

4. You Accept One Another’s Flaws

The right person will accept your flaws as much as you accept theirs. That’s how marriages last. Two people are willing to put up with a certain amount of what they find to be annoying habits. In fact, over time, they may even come to love them. Just be sure those flaws aren’t harmful to you.

5. You Have Similar Dreams for the Future

The right person is going to share your vision for the future. If you want to have children but your partner is adamant about not wanting children, that’s probably a big sign of trouble ahead. Does that mean you should jump ship immediately? The only person who can answer that is you, but it certainly means if you stay it’s a subject you need to approach again.

Choosing the right person to spend your life with is perhaps the biggest decision you’re ever going to make. The most important part of your new relationship is how it makes you feel today and how it makes you feel tomorrow. If it continues to make you feel good, you’ve probably found your prince or princess.

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  1. Never start a relationship for a relationship’s sake, but because there is truly a connection between you and the person you chose to start the relationship with, and this connection is forged in trust, balance, friendship, love, and wanting to be together.


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