6 Things Plus-Size Girls Should Never Do In The Summer

Summer is finally here and most of you are probably planning your next sunny trip and picking out flip-flops, but this time of year is something I used to completely dread. I’m a ‘Plus Size’ girl, or so I’m told, and I’ve been struggling with body confidence issues my whole life. I’ve already seen a lifetime’s worth of posts and advice about how curvy girls should dress this summer, and how to hide the belly fat or get a bikini body.

Every summer I would panic about being invited to a pool party and not being able to find a one-piece that can keep my butt in check, but I’m not having that anymore. Don’t let yourself be told you can’t enjoy yourself because you’re not the right shape for it.

Instead, here’s the six things all plus sized-girls really shouldn’t be doing this summer:

1. NEVER wear a one-piece if you want that bikini
There’s a whole world of swimwear out there, and I’ve tried them all. Tankinis, bodyCon suits, shorts, one-pieces, the list goes on. But my favorite will always be my bikini. I’ve been tempted so many times to put it away and get something a bit more modest to hide my lumps and bumps, but why should I?

Don’t ever let someone else’s opinion determine what you’re wearing.

2. NEVER miss a summery shopping trip so your friends don’t see your size
I’ve done this one so many times in the past. When my slimmer friends have wanted to go and try on their new summer wardrobe together, I would panic at the idea of having to shop in a completely different section of the store. But not anymore. Am I going to let a number on a hanger define me? Hell no!

3. NEVER ignore that really cute guy at the beach party. Talk to him.
It’s so easy to give up and hide in a corner when you’re feeling too big for your clothes, especially during summer when there’s a lot of different bodies on display for you to compare yourself with. And yes, other girls may have longer legs and flatter stomachs but they aren’t you. And you’ll never know who could be interested, so just go for it!

4. NEVER stop dancing.
I love to dance. I’d dance all night, every night if I had the chance. I may be a little wobbly on the dance floor but that doesn’t mean I’m not still having the time of my life. Don’t sit out because you’re scared you’ll look silly. Jump in, sing and dance around, and just enjoy yourself. I promise, nobody will be looking at you, except to see what a great dancer you are.

5. NEVER edge discreetly into the pool. Jump right in. CANNONBALL!
Everybody makes waves when they jump into water, no matter who you are. It’s so tempting to slip in while nobody’s looking and hide yourself under the water, but there isn’t much that’s more fun than jumping right into a cold pool, so just go for it and start your summer with a splash!

6. NEVER waste a great summer worrying about how you look!
We all wish we could change something about ourselves, even the people we think are flawless. So let’s spend less time worrying and more time living, because once you start to enjoy yourself and enjoy being in your own body, you won’t even notice the little wobble anymore.

Now it’s time to stop panicking about what you can’t do this summer and realize you can do anything that thinner girls can do. So, next time you hear somebody talk about how big girls can’t do something, put your shades on, walk away and do it anyway! Let’s make 2016 the year you all realize you’ve already got a beautiful bikini body!

Featured image via AllGo – An App For Plus Size People on Unsplash


  1. This is such a great piece – the only comment I have is that even “thinner girls” feel insecure to so its just a suggestion to possibly consider the female community and if you want an even wider audience, just everyone worried about the summer swimsuit season.


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