5 Ways To Reject Someone In A Classy Way

We’re frequently in a situation in which someone is way more into you than you are into them. It can be so frustrating, especially if you’re one of those people who hate confrontation. It’s hard to tell someone that you’re just not that interested in them – especially if it’s nothing personal. However, there are proper ways to reject someone. While some of them may seem harsh, it’s a good thing to know for the future, and know that there are options.

Here are the 5 ways you can reject someone!

1. Bluntly tell them that you’re just not that into it.

This is probably the pacifist’s nightmare. It can be the most confrontational way to handle it, but there are no ways that it can be misconstrued. If you tell someone that you’re not interested in them, you can always offer friendship! If they’re not interested in friendship, that’s their own problem. It’s possible to be friends with someone that has an interest in you but maybe tone back on it for a little while before turning it into a close friendship. You don’t want to give them the wrong impression!

2. Don’t text them back.

I don’t always recommend it, but it’s an option. I believe this term would be called “ghosting” these days. This leaves a lot of room for questions, though. The person is likely to feel hurt, confused, and frustrated with you. They won’t necessarily understand what’s going on, and they’ll probably continue to text and call for a little while.

3. Talk to them

This one is very useful if ghosting is not your cup of tea. Talk to them. Be sure to mention other people that you are interested in. That way they will know that there isn’t much of a chance for them. It’s a risky idea, and I’m definitely not a fan of this – but they get the point, right?

4. Play Cupid

Introduce the person to someone that you may find more compatible for them. They’ll get the idea that you aren’t interested in them, but it may lessen the blow a bit if you find someone that’s more compatible. You can find a friend of yours that might just mesh with the person so well that it works out perfectly. I’ve definitely done this in the past, and it worked out really well in the end (they’re actually married, tell me that didn’t work out!).

5. Go out with the person again.

Often times, people aren’t up to par on their first date. However, that still doesn’t mean that they’re right for you. When out with them, make sure that they know that it isn’t meant to be a date, but a chance to tell them that you don’t see them in that light. That doesn’t mean that they’re a bad person, or you’re a bad person – just that you two don’t mesh as well as you had hoped. Make sure to split the bill.

At the end of all of this, remember that it’s okay to reject someone. Neither of you is a bad person. You’re not bad for letting them know that you’re not interested. In fact, the best thing that you can do when you’re not interested is let the other person know. Overall, know that it’s okay to reject someone. You need to do what’s best for you. Don’t force yourself into something that you’re not into, or you’re uncomfortable with. If it’s a relationship of any sort, it’s okay to let them know that it’s not going to happen. Rejection can be tough on both parties, and no one wants to hurt anyone’s feelings so the best thing you can do is tell them the truth. Don’t beat yourself up, and know that it’s okay to let someone go.

Image credit via She’s The Man


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