4 Ways Dating Changes After You Graduate College

Dating in college was tricky enough, but once you step across that stage, it doesn’t get easier. Even though dating in college was tricky, it was pretty easy to meet someone. Classes, parties, bars, Greek life, intramurals, or even a study group. Everyone is at the same stage in life, and for the most part you can get some inside information on that person because someone is bound to know them. After college, you’re thrown into a new city. You’re going to different bars and it’s harder to meet people. It was fine if you dated someone in your class, even if things got awkward it would be over in a few weeks. Now you have work and you simply can’t do that. So what do you do? I don’t think any of us have it figured out, but here is how I know dating in college and post grad differ.

1. Actual Dates

When you’re in college it’s pretty clear that no one has a lot of money, so usually someone will just ask you out to coffee. Now, that you have graduated, the guys you are going to date actually have a bit of cash and can take you to dinner. Maybe you can even get your favorite glass of wine without it being $5 off Wine Wednesday’s.

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2. Transportation

In college you can usually walk anywhere on campus. It’s pretty easy when you are meeting a guy for drinks. Now, you could be meeting guys anywhere in the city. This means  he can either pick you up, or you meet somewhere. A lot of times you won’t know the guy and you’ll feel safer meeting him somewhere public. Also, you’ll probably have to limit yourself to one drink since you have to drive home. Not like college when you can just walk (or stumble) back to your place.

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3. Age Range of Men

When you were in college the majority of men were probably all the same age as you. Now,  you can actually date someone who is older and at the same level of maturity that you are. It’s nice to not have to date frat guys anymore. It’s the most amazing feeling when you get to date someone who actually has their shit together and doesn’t just wear Sperrys.

way collection jessica bustle sarah4. Casual Dating

In college, people were still trying to get to know themselves. Dating wasn’t very serious. Once you’re in post grad, the game has. If you are dating someone older they might be looking for something serious, or they may even be ready to settle down. Also, beware of the man-child. They look like they have it together, but really they don’t.

It’s hard out there. When you date you’re going to run into a bunch of f*ckboys that want to Netflix & Chill. You’re going to have to weed through these if you want commitment. There will also be a ton of guys that you won’t want to go on date number two with and they will go directly into the friendzone. Don’t worry eventually you will find a good boy, and I hope you like him as much as he likes you. Happy hunting! I mean dating…

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