Why You Should Date A Man Who Texts You Good Morning

good morning texts

You’re tired of the men who stand you up, the men with narcissist complexes, and the men who never bother to ask how you’re feeling. You constantly search for something more, the simple, intangible love you can never seem to find, the man whose small, kind gestures can make your heart race.

Date a man who texts you “good morning.”

He’s unafraid to reveal his love for you, sharing every piece of his heart. He leaves you without questions, without doubts. He’s in touch with his deepest emotions, unapologetic in his love for you. He understands that his love can never compromise his masculinity. He’s unwilling to shy away from his passion, primed to transcend his insecurities and prioritize his feelings.

Date a man who is willing to put you first.

He awakens every morning and immediately marvels over your beauty, encouraging you to finally embrace your gentle curves, flowing hair, and shining eyes. As the sun streams through his window, he plies you with sincere, thoughtful words. He celebrates your singularity, his love for you and you alone. With every simple gesture, he establishes you as his utmost priority, his first thought as he begins day after day.

Date a man who proves that he can never stop thinking of you.

He never fails to reach out to you as the sun rises. He remembers the love you share as you dream yourself awake. As the hours flick by, he constantly sends you thoughtful ramblings of his sweetest moments. The man who texts you good morning shares every simple, beautiful reminder of his love for you. He never rests without sharing the home you hold in his heart. He lives each day, each night as if there were no tomorrow.

Date a man who texts you “good morning.” He reassures your doubts and fears, proving that he thinks of no one but you. He places his feelings for you above his willingness to conform, hoping that you will appreciate his love. With every word, he proves his devotion, gently reminding you that despite your insecurities, you will always hold a piece of his heart.

Featured image via Claudia van Zyl on Unsplash


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