7 Small Ways To Enhance Your Morning Routine

The alarm blares at early in the morning, jolting you from dreamland. Now, you’re on a mad dash to pack lunch, get the fur-baby fed (if you have a pet), and ingest enough coffee to power your commute. Despite your best efforts, you still find yourself dashing out the door at the last minute.

What a way to wake up, isn’t it? Many people overlook the importance of starting the day the right way, and this leads to increased stress and decreased productivity all day long. Skip the morning rush and recapture your drive and energy by embracing positive habits each daybreak.

Here are seven ways to greatly enhance your morning routine.

1. Plan Ahead

Many busy individuals waste precious morning minutes playing catch up on tasks they should have completed the night before. Prior to hitting the hay, schedule 15 minutes to pack tomorrow’s lunch and lay out your clothes. Make sure briefcases or backpacks contain all the things you need the next day to avoid missing the bus while struggling to find lost assignments.

2. Stretch!

After a full night’s’ rest, you need to get your blood flowing to boost your energy. Begin each day by gently stretching in bed or by performing a five or ten minute yoga or mobility practice. Morning stretches wake up your muscles and clear your mind for the busy day ahead.

3. Reflect on Your Daily Intentions

Most people plan their days around routine, not purposeful actions. Take just a minute or two each morning to focus upon your intentions for that day. Maybe you hope to wow new clients with an amazing pitch, or maybe you wish to wrap up your homework in time for your friend’s soccer game. Focusing your mind on your daily goal helps motivate you to get moving.

4. Make Time For Breakfast

We’ve all heard the old cliche about breakfast being the day’s most important meal. But like all cliches, the saying became popular because it holds some truth.

Avoid calling a cup of coffee breakfast. Start the day with a protein-packed meal to sustain your energy and keep you fuller longer. Whip up some eggs or oatmeal, or if truly rushed for time, invest in microwave breakfast sandwiches you can eat on the run.

5. Polish Your Pearly Whites Improperly

Even though we learned to brush our teeth at a young age, many of us fail to practice proper dental hygiene well into adulthood. Make sure you’re not just brushing twice daily, but also flossing each night. When brushing, take the time to position your toothbrush at a 45-degree angle to your gum line instead of scrubbing harshly back and forth, potentially damaging your enamel.

6. Get Hydrated

While moderate coffee consumption will not impact your overall hydration levels substantially, excessive intake can lead to nervousness and jitters. Practice keeping a reusable water bottle with you at all times. Dehydration leads to irritability, difficulty focusing, and food cravings, so sip water occasionally between lattes to boost hydration levels.

7. Spread Some Sunshine

Greet your friends or coworkers warmly. This doesn’t mean flitting about sprinkling fairy dust and platitudes everywhere. Simply greeting others with a pleasant good morning and a smile makes you approachable and also begins the day on a positive note.

Each new morning grants us the opportunity to reinvent ourselves and start anew. Harness the power of the sunrise hours to kick your mind, body and spirit into high gear. You’ll feel great the whole day through!

Feature Image by Mak Mozza on Unsplash



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