Why Your Words Will Always Be My Drug Of Choice

Your words are my drug of choice.

Your words hoist me up to the heavens. They leave me awash in airy lightness as you strip the weight of life from my soul. They lift me high off a blissful euphoria as I long to hold onto every coveted syllable, hoping I can remain among the clouds for eternity.

As the words cascade from your lips, every hit of you leaves me longing for more. I cling to your promises that I am your future, wishing you were beside me. My worries escape me as I savor your powerful high; a sense of unquellable serenity. I drift further and further away from my problems as I immerse myself in your swirling kaleidoscope of colors, knowing there is nothing on Earth but me, you, and your magical mirage of deep blues and pure golds.

Your vivacious appellations seem to vanish too quickly, a mystical haze of fragrant smoke too alluring to resist. They can never seem to satiate my powerful hunger for endless sweet nothings, until you faithfully supply me with your linguistic charm, the drug that keeps my heart beating only for you.

I aimlessly flit away the days, mindlessly dreaming of the music that flows from your lips and enduring the nights lying awake in your absence, tossing and turning as my entire body burns with a passionate fever, itching for you as if you are the sole key to my survival. With an aching heart, I withdraw from the gentle rhythm of your voice, fruitlessly convincing myself that I can live without you.

But I am hopelessly addicted to your adoring locutions, the powerful ecstasy of pure love.

Every trip takes me higher, further into your heart’s endless wonders. I ensconce myself in your dreamy euphoria, too faded on your love to return below the clouds.

Perhaps, I will recover from my unyielding desire for your passionate language.

Perhaps, I will discover the natural high of self-validation. But every time the fantastical syllables slip from your mouth, leaving me high off your addictive love, I know that your words will always be my drug of choice.

Previously published on Thought Catalog.

Featured Photo by Ryan Jacobson on Unsplash.


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