What You Need To Do If You’re Trying To Get Over A Break Up

Success is the REAL way to get back at a former lover. Not only will it make you feel good about yourself but it will also show your ex what they’re missing out on. It’s easy to be vindictive and want to get back at an ex in an evil spirited way to make them feel the kind of pain they caused us. However, vandalizing their car or other material possessions will make you look like a total lunatic. Yeah, you might feel good doing that mean act but the next thing you know your ex will have a good reason to call the cops on you for vandalism and press charges. Think before you do something that could ruin your life.

There are certainly other ways to get back at an ex without coming off as crazy.  Try stepping away from social media and working on yourself, allowing yourself to grow during a time you are vulnerable. People break up for a slew of various reasons; compatibility, religion, boredom, arguing constantly or loss of passion.  I have now been on both sides of the field; I’ve been the dumper and the dumpee. No matter the situation or the role you played in the breakup, they’re never easy to go through.

Although it can hurt, breakups do get easier over time. You need to allow yourself to feel the emotions you are feeling. You can’t bottle them up.  Speak to someone you trust, or if you’re really struggling talk to a therapist. Remember, it’s okay to cry and you’re not alone I’ve been there, I have felt the pain of a breakup. I cried over and over again, but there was a pivotal day that changed my life. Here are the steps I took to help me get over my breakup.

  • I deleted my ex (including his family and friends) on ALL social media platforms.
  • I deleted all of our photos.
  • I threw out all gifts he gave me.
  • I woke up every morning and worked out.  
  • I listened to motivational audio books.
  • I read daily.
  • I focused on my career.
  • I learned to have fun without a guy in my life.

If you are trying to get over a break up focus on yourself by doing things you want to do. Focus on your goals, your job, your friends and your family. At the end of the day you’ll be left feeling happier, and you won’t feel so lost and broken.

How did you get over your ex?

Photo by Ariana Prestes on Unsplash


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