How To Get The Most Out Of Online Classes In Our ‘New Normal’


The forced lockdown across the world as a response to the Covid 19 pandemic brought on-premises businesses and educational activities to a sudden halt. But thanks to technology, businesses did not cease to operate and though the on-campus camaraderie was missing, learning never stopped.

Rather, the new normal in education brought the world closer. Virtual learning opportunities democratized the learning process like never before.  

Is E-learning the New Normal?

The new normal in education has been a complete overhaul of the education system. 

It fixed the earlier concerns of online courses – including pre-recorded sessions, by replacing them with online classes that are live and interactive. The ambit of e-learning courses is continually expanding and includes diverse courses on personal development and hobbies as well. 

The hobby learning segment has seen several e-learning websites and e-learning apps helping the learning process to continue seamlessly. Over time, online hobby classes have found their receptivity among students of all ages, from diverse geographical locations and time zones. 

How To Get The Most Out of Your Online Hobby Class

Despite there being certain disadvantages of online learning, the benefits certainly outweigh them. One of the biggest advantages of online learning is that you can find the best mentors and curriculum from around the world from the comfort of your home. 

Hence, keeping all that in mind, here are some points that would significantly elevate the online hobby learning experience.    

Before you start your online hobby class…

If you are at an intermediate level, it is easy for you to select the course. But if you are an absolute beginner, you should narrow down on what you want to learn. 

For certain disciplines such as music or dance, you should know exactly what genre you want to pick. Do a bit of research, talk to experienced teachers and senior students for a better understanding. 

Also, it becomes difficult for the teacher to gauge the attention span of a student in online classes. Hence, here self-discipline is the key. Do the following to ensure that you get the most out of your class:

  • Keep your mobile phones in silent mode, refrain from entertaining guests, or managing household chores at the time of your online hobby classes. 
  • Uninstall all computer games to avoid distraction.   
  • Make sure you have a steady internet connection.
  • Observe your mentor carefully and minutely.
  • Follow the decorum of online meetings such as remain muted until you are asked to speak or perform, keep the video on, use the raise hand option if you have any query or doubt. 
  • Use one gadget in one room to avoid creating an echo

Tech Considerations

The screen size and volume of the device play a significant role in the online learning experience. A laptop or desktop is better than a mobile screen. But the best option is to connect your mobile to the screen of a Smart TV.

Also, the online platform that you choose for your online class makes a lot of difference in your learning experience and overall development. Evaluate the profile of the teacher before you take them as your mentor. Talk to the mentors and the admin to understand how the classes are moderated, compensatory sessions against leaves, time flexibility, individual and group classes, etc.

Make Time for Practice

Practice is an important part of any hobby. For example, if you’re taking online painting classes, you must practice the skills and concepts you learn each week on your own time. If possible, set aside at least 15 to 30 minutes each day to practice the skills you’ve learned in class.

Also, record the session if your teacher allows you to do so. Usually course materials are made available to the students virtually. Download and save all the recordings and learning materials in a folder for future practice.This will help you recall concepts or techniques when you practice.

As we have mentioned before, the future is here and it is progressing very fast. As you read this article, e-learning platforms are upgrading their technologies with Intelligent Automation and Virtual Reality tools.

Photo by Tim Samuel from Pexels


  1. Interesting. And I am 100% agree about self-education. And thanks to all the people in the comments for sharing interesting links.


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