6 Things You Need To Do In 2018 To Be A Happier Person

I have a friend who is a personal trainer and says business booms in January but dies off by spring. Not a lot of people stick with their “get fit, stay healthy” New Year’s resolution. But, this isn’t just the case with healthy goals. Just over 80% of New Year resolutions fail, and at the end of the day, you’re only disappointing yourself.

If you want to set a goal, you shouldn’t wait until the New Year. Start now. Take beginner steps, instead of going head first into it.

I did come across a realistic 2018 goal to set for yourself because if you are anything like me this year has had some long and stressful days. Let’s kick off January 1st by leaving our old emotions behind, and being a happier person.

Stop watching and reading the news.

If you indulge in negative stories every day, it is going to impact your mental health. Yes, real-life issues do happen, I am not saying to avoid the news, but surround yourself with positivity instead of watching or reading something that is going to bring you down.

Pick up a new hobby.

Being able to do something new just makes you feel good about yourself. You can learn anything on YouTube. You can teach yourself how to crochet, paint, knit or even build something. You’ll pick up new skills, and feel happy and proud of yourself.

Use social media as an advantage.

If you are following accounts on IG that don’t make you feel good about yourself and make you sad, unfollow those accounts. If someone on Facebook is posting statuses and sharing things that you don’t want to see, unfriend them. Also, remember, what you see on social media is only a part of someone’s life. Just because they seem picture perfect, doesn’t mean their life actually is.

Start volunteering.

Join a non-profit group that you care about. Dedicating just a few hours a week to an organization will make you feel like you’re making a difference in the world, or even in someone’s life.  

Use your spending money on memories.

Instead of buying clothes, makeup, and things you seriously don’t need, use your money on memories. Go on a vacation, rent a cottage, or even spend your dollars on local events. Memories you’ll cherish forever.

Be aware of toxic relationships.

When you surround yourself with negative people, those emotions are going to rub off on you. It will make you feel stressed out and unhappy. So, get rid of the negativity ASAP, and keep people around you that make you feel good

I hope you’re ready to take on 2018 with a smile, and positive attitude!

Feature image via Pexels


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