Why You Shouldn’t Be Hard On Yourself For Caring Too Much

People are always saying that it’s “too much.” You work too much. You’re loving too much. You feel too much. You’re doing too much. You care too much.

Why is that a problem? Why isn’t that okay?

The truth is this: you wear your heart on your sleeve. You connect with the world around you on a level that is immeasurable and unknown to most. Your heart is made of gold; your arms are made of steel. You’ve learned to thrive on little sleep and too much Starbucks, and filling pages of journals. You never turn your phone off, and you rarely even silence it completely.

And, that’s okay.

Your tender heart and loving soul make you compassionate and empathetic. The feelings of others are never “too much.” Your generosity knows no bounds, and you give without question or a moment’s hesitation to your best friend or a complete stranger. Nothing anyone asks of you is ever “too much.” Your own strong feelings and connection to the world make you passionate. No cause is ever “too much” to rally behind. Your strength and unrelenting determination push you to constantly challenge yourself, always striving for perfection. Nothing you set your mind to is ever “too much.”

And, that’s okay.

It’s not an act. It’s never just for show. You don’t need fame or fortune. It’s never a competition. Being able to care is just enough; knowing that you are making the world a better place is enough to fill your heart and permeate your soul. It isn’t because you can’t say no. Or because you are simply a thrill seeker (though maybe, deep down, you are just a tad). It isn’t because you have something to prove or a selfish, personal agenda. It’s all because you care, as they say, a little “too much.”

And, that’s okay.

It’s never too much if it makes you happy. It is never too much if it helps you sparkle and shine. It’s never too much as long as you are healthy and it helps you remain full.

The truth is this: you are a beautiful person, a lovely soul. So, what if you care a little “too much?” It’s more than okay, because the real secret is this: you carry the world inside that glowing, tender, heart of gold… and that’s a beautiful thing.

Previously Published on Thought Catalog

Photo by Velizar Ivanov on Unsplash


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