Drake Got Ghosted By This Super Model & Here’s How He Reacted

Just when you think that your life sucks compared to the world of celebrities, you know, because they live such extravagant lives, we hear a story that makes us go “wow, they really are like us.” And because celebrities are gorgeous, rich and successful, you’d think that they’d have luck with relationships. But then comes stories where we realize that they aren’t immune to having their heartbroken like we experience all the time.

This particular story proves this perfectly.

This failed love story begins back in February 2018, when supermodel Heidi Klum played a game of ‘Who Would You Rather?’ on the Ellen DeGeneres Show when she repeatedly chose Drake over other celebs. (Interesting side note, this game is so funny to watch/play along to.)

Shortly after that show aired, Drake saw that she was interested in him, so he got her number through a mutual friend and hit her up. The timeline of how soon after is still unknown, but he took his shot.

Fast forward to September 2018, she revealed this news to the public. However, by the time he got her number she had already fallen in love with her now-fiance Tom Kaulitz. She said to Ellen, “He was basically a week too late. I never texted him back because I found the love of my life.”

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I know, shocking.

Then it brings us to Heidi’s January 2nd appearance on Ellen’s show. (I know what you’re thinking, she’s on a lot considering she doesn’t really have anything going on career wise). She then revealed she did eventually apologize to Drake for ghosting him.

That’s right, she full out admitted she ghosted Drake.

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I know, who would do that? But anyway, here’s what went down next.

The supermodel went on to explain why she apologized in the first place. “I said I’m sorry, because I know it made a huge wave after I was here, and he just made that face.” She followed by mimicking the raised eyebrow emoji.

Ellen quipped, “That’s all he responded? Oh, he’s mad.”

That’s right. Not only did she come out and admit that she rejected Drake, ghosted him and felt bad about it, but she also told us how he handled the rejection!

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Sure, rejection sucks and we’re totally used to it by this point in our lives. But how crazy that he literally just responded to her with an emoji questioning her on why she would message him. That’s kind of savage and says it all on how he’s feeling. He’s upset! (haha get it?)

If you ask me, this is totally how I’m going to respond to any ex or boy from the past when they message me after a long  period without communication.

So things didn’t work out between the 45-year-old and the 32-year-old rapper. But at least now she’s going to get married to a 29-year-old, so clearly she just wanted a younger man. Luckily for us, that also means he’s still available and on the market.

So next time you feel down in the dumps about your love life, remember Drake got ghosted by Heidi Klum.

Photo via @champagnepapi on Instagram


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