For The Heartbroken Soul, You Will Find Comfort In This

Looking back, thinking of days gone past and those yet to come, you sometimes sit and wonder, what if? What now? Or what will be? Other times, you may think, this is just it. Most often in all our lives there comes a moment when we have to let go, where we may have to give up or days where we have to accept it and move on. While life offers an end, the soul yearns for more.

Growing apart together is exactly that, with the soul just yearning for more!

My dear baby, I want to take you through a little journey.

Do you recall how we fell in love?

All those naughty flirty texts that went back and forth

Those silly times of silly talking nonstop through the night

Our first movie, our first kiss (literally under the streetlamp),

The first I love you, the first time our hands touched,

A blossoming love

Do you recall life of just pure loving and sharing?

A rainy misty day, early evening and a beautiful bike ride back home,

The dull darkened room, sweet beautiful you holding me and kissing me,

You took me that day and I never took myself back.

Our days went on by, just you and me and me and you,

The world at our feet, sky in our reach,

An amazing time where all you saw was me, all that you felt was me,

all that wanted and needed was me,

Lots of love, lots of happiness

Do you recall life of just hanging in there?

Life went up and then down,

Stony roads and clear bright skies,

I caught you and you caught me,

We held on to only each other for comfort,

I was part of every minute of your life and you were part of mine,

Just sharing and sharing,

Just us,

Life was beautiful

Life of now,

Furious angry texts, going back and forth,

Heated arguments always on the slight, nonstop

Many a rainy misty day passing on by,

I took you once too and now you are taking yourself back,

Our days where it’s never just you and me, I am not the only one you see,

I am not the only one you feel, want and need,

I am still catching you,

And I am just falling through,

My problems are mine to deal with you say,

You leave me hanging,

In my profound sorrow, craving to be caught by only you again,

You don’t understand me you say,

Ah! But I do, I understand all too well that your life is moving in a direction away from me,

That I feel I am not a part of,

What you don’t understand my darling sweetheart,

Is that I understand too much of it all to know that I am being left behind,

I know that there will be an us again in the near future,

Will it be the same us as before?

I lie in wait for us baby, I will wait for you till the world stops turning,

But will you?

A lot less love, a lot less happiness?

Such is life, such is love. One never knows where it goes, or how it comes. But, besides all of this, life still goes on, we still have our greatest moments, the sun still shines through and the light is all there at the end of that tunnel. Just know this, no hurdle in life is insurmountable, nor is it impossible.

You have the strength in you; pick yourself up, hold your head up high and smile right back.

Featured image via Pexels


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