Miley Cyrus Has A New Look And We Absolutely Love It

Miley Cyrus might be back with new music and new collaborations, but there’s one thing that’s being looked over that really think should be acknowledged: her new look.

After years of wearing basically next to nothing, having God-awful accessories, behaving like a child whose rebelling against their parents in middle school, posting bizarre edits, talking about weed non-stop and overall erratic behavior in general, she’s back to being the Miley we grew up knowing and loving but with a more mature twist.

Months ago when the singer/actress cleaned out her Instagram feed we knew something big was in the horizon. We got a taste of the transformation when she released the single ‘Malibu’ and her album ‘Forever Young’ in 2017. But since she revamped her social media, her personal life has flourished as well.

Miley went on a two-year bender and moved on from it seemingly overnight and acted like it never happened. And you know what, she looks good. And it’s important to highlight this because she’s matured and transitioned flawlessly.

Let’s look at some of her recent looks, shall we?

Every single thing about this video screams elegance and class to me. She looks so mature and sophisticated. And to be honest, I’m loving the old Hollywood actress vibe this gives off.

This is a very high fashion type of outfit, and I’m here for it. You can see the mixture of patterns actually look flattering on her, as does the dark makeup that we rarely see on her.

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Not only did she slay her holiday-themed Saturday Night Live performances, but she did in the fashion department as well. She opted for a sparkly dress, an oversized blazer that barely covered her body (in true Miley fashion) and still looked unbelievably good.

Did I mention that she also has been sporting some fun pieces as well that are still professional looking and mature, but are still obnoxiously fun but in a more tame way. This looks so much better than if it was in a soft pink without the mesh arms on the dress, like Miley would have worn before with an over the top hair piece to accompany it.

That’s right, it looks like our little Miley has finally grown out of that rebellious party girl stoner stage and has moved onto new things. Maybe it was the influence of getting back with her now fiancee Liam Hemsworth, after the allegedly broke up over her newfound party girl persona. (I would have been embarrassed to be affiliated with someone who acted erratically like that too).

The moment he got back in her life, after their break up allowed her to experiment and experience a life she wanted to try having, she slowly transitioned back to the old Miley we knew while maintaining a touch of her newfound self especially during the ‘Malibu’ phase. It’s cute to see that he now accepts that side of her and potentially has that influence on her.

Or maybe she just wanted to reinvent herself because that’s what great artists do (like Madonna, Lady Gaga, Beyonce or Katy Perry). Perhaps she was just looking for a change or is evolving personally in a way that the public can’t understand. Obviously, we don’t know her so we can only make assumptions.

But this is a vibe that totally works for her, and I am patiently waiting to see what this new and sophisticated Miley (or as some people are calling her, “Broken Heart Miley” named after her new single Nothing Breaks Like a Heart) has to bring to the table. Hopefully, it’ll include some new attitude and some high fashion moments we can all aspire to dress like.

Welcome back, Miley. We’ve missed this side of you.

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