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6 Role-Play Ideas You Should Try With Your Partner

If you’ve been in your relationship for a while, it’s challenging to get creative in the bedroom. And so is fulfilling your partner’s needs or understanding their kinks. One of the most daunting sexual experiences (and most desired) is easily role-play. 

There’s a lot to consider: What would they find sexy? What do I feel comfortable with trying? How can this be accomplished? Well, once you have an idea of the kind of role you want to play, it’s easier to expand from there. So I have a few ideas to help get you started.

Here are 6 role-play ideas to try ASAP:

1. Masseuse

When your partner is feeling sore or you just want to treat them to something nice, offer to give them a massage. Talk a little dirty to them and take your time on spots where they enjoy being touched. Or, you could have them do the same for you and you could instruct them on a very special spot for them to massage.

2. Strangers

This one can be really hot when you plan to meet in a public place. However, you can do it in your home too. Give yourselves a new name and identity, create the dream life you secretly want, and flirt like it’s the first time you’ve met. Brownie points if you dress really sexy for your rendezvous — especially if you can’t get out of the house.

3. Bad Guy/Girl

If one of you has the hots for a bad boy or girl, dress up like the rebel you want to be or are attracted to. It could mean wearing ripped and cut out lingerie or a leather jacket. If you want them to talk dirty to you or get rough with you, verbalize it. Or you could do the ultimate Danny and Sandy and have one of you be innocent while the other is a total rule breaker. It’s wrong and secretive but feels so right.

4. Teacher and Student

This cliche is oddly a fan favorite, especially if you have the outfits for it. If you want your partner to be the teacher, write a really dirty note of all the things you want to do to them and have them grade it. When you give it to them, wear a schoolgirl outfit and have them dress like a teacher too. They’ll be turned on in more than one way for sure.

5. Fave TV/Movie Couple

If one of you loves a couple from a show or movie, try to recreate a love scene they share. If it’s a surprise your partner will probably pick up on it and enjoy the sweet gesture. Whether it’s Noah and Allie, Nathan and Haley, or Aria and Ezra, there are plenty of moments to choose from.

6. Stripper

If you’re really bold and comfortable with your partner, do a striptease for them. Play whatever song makes you feel sexy and empowered and remove your clothes to show a sexy little outfit. You could even give them a lap dance if you wish — all you have to do is grind your butt on their lap and shove your boobs in their face.

So if you’re looking to expand your sexual experiences and ignite a new flame, try these role-play ideas or create your own! It doesn’t have to be hard or in your face, either. In fact, subtle hints can be just as impactful. This is a great chance to be someone else for a while, might as well take advantage of it.

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