6 Miley Cyrus Songs You Totally Forgot About

Oh, Miley Cyrus. She came into our hearts like a wrecking ball when she starred as Hannah Montana back in March of 2006. She’s been a household name ever since. There’s no denying that she has made headlines for her rebellious antics and odd behavior, and she’s made some very well known songs along the way to stardom. Some of which were forgotten but are still absolute Bangerz (pun was totally intended).

7 Things

You’d be lying to yourself if the words didn’t just come flying back to you. It’s rumored (and allegedly confirmed) to be about her ex, and fellow Disney child star alum, Nick Jonas. Remember when they were a thing? Gosh, I’m getting old. It was every pre-teen’s heartbreak anthem and we still love this song to this day even if we forgot about it for a hot minute.

See You Again

If this song doesn’t want to make you sing at the top of your lungs with your best friends, I don’t know what will. Again, it has that pop-punk vibe we loved from our youth, and lyrics we can appreciate as adults. This makes the ultimate throwback jammer.

Can’t Be Tamed

This was just the beginning of her rebellious stage and the dark, oddly sexy music video proved it. She really couldn’t be tamed and it somewhat worked out in her favor. Sure, it was the goodbye to her Disney days, but I loved how she broke out from that shell using her music.

The Climb

You might have remembered when Miley famously took a stand against performing any song from around the Hannah Montana era, most of the songs on this list was included, specifically, The Climb. In light of the devastating news around the world, she has recently removed that self-inflicted ban and has been performing this song as a sign of hope and encouragement. Still as inspiring as it once was.

When I Look At You

Largely known as the song from The Last Song, it’s a beautiful ballad. And it’s also about her fictional turned real-life lover (and co-star from the film) Liam Hemsworth! How romantic is that? It’s often forgotten about, mainly because it shockingly didn’t get radio play, but is still an awesome song.

Start All Over

Remember when this was a thing? Because I do. It was the first of Miley’s actual career outside of Hannah Montana and got lots of recognition by Disney radio and TV. Remember when they played this music video all the time between shows? Plus it featured some famous looks from that time, the bright colored skinny jeans, the vest, the random blonde in the hair and bracelets beyond belief! Looks like high school to me.

It’s hard to believe the young and innocent Miley did a 360 to go against her squeaky-clean image shortly after these songs came out. But it’s nice to see her bringing these songs up again and being proud of the past she was once regretful of. Now go ahead, redownload these, and pretend it’s 2010 again.

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