10 Plus Sized Influencers Who Will Give You Serious Fashion Inspo

I don’t need to tell the Internet that plus-sized women don’t get enough credit in this world as they deserve. Nor do they get accurate representation. When it comes to finding fashion-based inspiration on social media, it’s also very difficult. Most pitches we see are directed towards how to look thinner. Rather than how to rock your curves with these stylish pieces to keep you on trend.

Luckily, with the power of a few fashion influencers on Instagram and YouTube, our world has opened up a little bit more and the content is being targeted a lot more realistically. There are plus-sized women who encourage experimenting with styles, educating on where to shop to actually get larger sizes, and express the importance of knowing our worth.

Jessica Torres

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Jessica is arguably one of the most popular plus-sized influencers mainly because she doesn’t care about what she wears and she owns it. She’s into every trend and is definitely no stranger to putting it all on the line to inspire other women.

Margot Meanie


Her fall inspirations give me life! From the colours she selects to wear and the patterns and accessories, she knows what’s good.

Lydia Okello

She’s literally flawless and I am obsessed with her posts because she has a really versatile taste and owns who she is. Her confidence is as radiant as her smile and I just love her!


There is no style Stacey won’t try on her account no matter how see-through, skin tight, neon, bedazzled, revealing, or outrageous. Her page is definitely one to look through if you want to get inspired and expand on your unique style.

Stephanie Yeboah


She’s one badass woman with a feminine yet tough edge and she knows how to style her body. Plus her braids are always on point.

Ragini Nag Rao


Aside from her impressive blog, A Curious Fancy, this vintage-loving blogger is always open to experiment and provide honest feedback on what works for her body type. And she always provides details on all of her outfits so you can get them too!

Hollie Burgess


This Pretty Big Butterflies blogger covers everything from fashion to food, lifestyle and parenting. (You’ll fall in love with her kids more than you will her fashion, I swear!) So she’ll basically become your guru for everything.

Alysse Dalessandro


Some may refer to her as a gaudy icon because of her over the top accessorizing and love of fashion, but this Ready to Stare creator has people staring for all the right reasons.

Nancy Whittington-Coates


This Sugar, Darling boss puts a lot of effort into her blog like she does into her daily fashion choices. Her recommendations are often versatile for different seasons so she can help you save money with her suggestions.

Natalie Hage


Natalie is by far one of my most favourite accounts to follow because not only does she have a great sense of style, but she’s so damn positive and has a happy vibe accompanying her page. Plus, she embodies the confidence and self-love every woman wants to have.

As I mentioned earlier, most of these women are totally kick ass in their own right. They are helping to pave the way for other curvy girls looking to expands their fashion choices. (and most importantly not break the bank). Their representation is appreciated and they deserve more recognition for their trailblazing blogs and inspiration ideas.

Which of these 10 plus sized influencers have caught your eyes?

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