Everything You Need To Know About Getting A Past Life Reading


Life experiences can turn from sweet to sour very quickly. Sometimes relationships end suddenly, jobs we used to love stress us out, or our health takes a plunge. Usually, you want to understand why these things happen to you. When the answers aren’t clear, you may question if a past life reading would help. But what does a past life reading involve?

Past Life Reading Defined 

A past life reading analyzes your past life, then combines it with an astrological reading and intuitive tarot card pull. Readers do this a few different ways, and sometimes they ask for a tarot card past life reading. This kind of reading allows the client to understand who they are. It’s a way to tap into your capabilities, and a professional tarot reader can offer you clues from the tarot cards to how you have lived in the past as another person.  

A past life tarot spread may also help you grow as a person. Once the tarot reader gives you advice, you can begin searching for transformative ways to analyze behavioral patterns. You’ll see things within yourself that were oblivious to you before and develop ways to better yourself based on the knowledge of your past life.  

The Astrological Side Of The Reading 

As mentioned, one can do a past life reading with tarot cards and integration of astrology. Another discipline uses the scientific knowledge of celestial bodies, their movements and positioning, and their possible influences on human matters and the natural world.  

Although astrology is not necessary for a past life reading nor any other type of tarot reading, some tarot readers integrate it to get more out of the readings and as a way to add more depth into their practice. Tarot cards also have meanings depicted by art, but each one is associated with an element, a zodiac sign, or a planet. It is the correspondences that give more to the system.  

Why would some tarot readers use astrology along with the cards, then? Readers use more astrological elements to get more information from the cards other than their associated planets and zodiacs signs. The client will need a natal or birth chart to get the north and south nodes that the reader will examine.  

A natal chart reveals the positions of the planets at the time and the particular location of your birth. It gives a deeper insight into your personality, wishes, and motivations in life. In astrology, your character is also based on the zodiac signs that identify your sun, your basic ego, and the moon and rising signs.  

The moon is in charge of your emotions, moods, and who you are inside. The rising or ascendant sign is the one rising in the east at the time of your birth. It is also how the world sees you.  

The moon is divided into two nodes: the North and the South. Astrologers seek these nodes and their corresponding zodiac signs to determine the fate and destiny of your current life, the North node; and of your past life, the South node.  

Readers look into these nodes because of the moon’s major influence on your natal chart from a karmic or past life perspective. Karmic is derived from karma, the sum of your actions in the past that can manifest into the future. The north and south nodes are vital for the reader to view your karmic mission in this life.  

What Does A Past Life Reading Look Like? 

Spiritual tarot readings are a practice that goes back centuries with a unique deck called tarot cards. Traditionally, tarot cards are used to create spreads or card formations or patterns when reading to answer the querent—the client or person asking for guidance. Professional readers have different ways of doing spreads and how they interpret the cards. 

Nowadays, the querent can request for a past life reading using technology. They can drop by a website and request a reading from a person with the ability to connect to the metaphysical realm. Some intuitive readers can provide immediate answers through a live stream call. Others will produce a past life report based on your questions.  

These reports may include, but are not limited to the following:  

  • Ego, self-expression, and creativity 
  • Your identity and persona 
  • Relationships and values 
  • Personal power and self-mastery 
  • Ambition, focus, and responsibility 
  • Intuition, dreams, and escapism 

For the tarot reader to get these, they will need your name, date of birth, place, and delivery time. Your tarot reader may also ask for time to provide you with the best possible report. 

Past life readings from an intuitive tarot reader may provide insights into what you can do today to improve your life based on what they can see from the tarot spreads. Whether you believe in tarot reading or not, it’s still worth seeing what you can take from the experience, as it might help you understand yourself even more.   

Photo by Anastasia Shuraeva from Pexels


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