The Truth Is, I Love The Way You Make Me Feel

We met at the worst possible time in the best possible way. Even though I had to wait over a year for you, our first moment together was worth those 365 days. The first time our lips touched, it was like magic: the sound was music to my ears. Though I felt so new and inexperienced, you showed me that I had a talent for making you sing.

For years we were inseparable: always seen together, touching, holding hands. We could be together for hours, but it seemed like mere minutes. I never grew tired of the sound of your voice, like a soaring melody to my ears, touching my heart, serenading my soul.

Nobody understands me like you do. Nobody knows what’s inside, yet somehow you always bring it out. With you, I’m the best version of myself. When we’re together, I feel like I’m on fire. With you, I can climb the highest mountains; I can do anything.

The truth is, I love the way you make me feel.

There were times we’d spend apart, which left me feeling empty and dark. I thought that I was dying when you were gone, lost forever without you forever next to me. Sometimes our separation lasts only days, sometimes months or seasons…Almost too much to bear.

But, all it takes is that twinkle in your eyes, the feel of your buttons, the slightest touch and I return to life, eager and ready to perform your command. With you, the world is all a stage, and I’m the shining star. You give me all that I need to feel like I’m more than enough, like I’m talented, gorgeous, and perfect just as I am.

I worried that our most recent struggle, our horrible and heated fight, would result in the end of us.

I thought that the magic would fade away, that the music would simply cease, that my heart would suddenly stop. Yet, after the dust settled, and everything was calm, I reached out for you… And that electricity was still there just like that day we met.

I want to hold you in my hands forever, caressing your body, listening to you sing. I want to stop time with the touching of our lips, with the way our bodies seem to make music together. I want to feel this way forever, I never want it to end.

Because, my dear, the truth is: I love the way you make me feel.

Previously published on Thought Catalog

Feature image via Claudia van Zyl on Unsplash


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