Why This Quote Should Be Your Motto For 2023

Don’t let one setback color your day. Pause and feel it –- then keep going.”

We have all had those days where we wake up and everything is going wrong from the minute we open our eyes. It is natural in our groggy (and probably grumpy) state that we think the rest of the day is doomed. This quote shows that doesn’t have to be the case. 

Even if our day starts badly, that does not define how the rest of the day has to go. As it says in the quote, give yourself time to process, but then give yourself the gift of your day and your mental faculties back without wasting additional mental energy on it.

We live in a constant state of input and stimulation. It only makes sense that we should put whatever measures we can in place to protect our peace. A quick Google search shows that this quote is used in motivational sectors and blogs, though I could not find the original source. The avenues that use this show the positive impact it can carry. This quote can be a great example of how much our mindset can impact our perspective and mental wellbeing.

The Harvard Gazette featured some finds from a recent medical journal article they posted. Their findings about positive mindset and it’s correlation to health was fascinating as seen with the quote,

The most optimistic women (the top quartile) had a nearly 30 percent lower risk of dying from any of the diseases analyzed in the study compared with the least optimistic (the bottom quartile), the study found. The most optimistic women had a 16 percent lower risk of dying from cancer; 38 percent lower risk of dying from heart disease; 39 percent lower risk of dying from stroke; 38 percent lower risk of dying from respiratory disease; and 52 percent lower risk of dying from infection…. “Previous studies have shown that optimism can be altered with relatively uncomplicated and low-cost interventions — even something as simple as having people write down and think about the best possible outcomes for various areas of their lives, such as careers or friendships,” said postdoctoral research fellow Kaitlin Hagan, co-lead author of the study. “Encouraging use of these interventions could be an innovative way to enhance health in the future.”

Further proof of the positive impact of well…positivity can be seen from Johns Hopkins Medicine with the following:

Researchers suspect that people who are more positive may be better protected against the inflammatory damage of stress. Another possibility is that hope and positivity help people make better health and life decisions and focus more on long-term goals. Studies also find that negative emotions can weaken immune response.”

As aforementioned, the world is a negative place and serves us enough material to be nervous about. If we can control our own perspective and how we interact with those around us, it can go a long way.

I especially liked this quote because it does not say to ignore any unfortunate circumstances, but rather not to elaborate on them. If we don’t process them at all, that can lead to suppression, which can open a wormhole of associated issues. Rather, it turns the power back to the individual and how they can feel in control of their thoughts, perceptions, and the way their day goes.

Do you have another quote you will use as a motto next year? Let us know in the comments below!

Photo by Viktoriia Aleksandrova on Unsplash


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