5 Reasons You Need To Jump On The Succulent Bandwagon

In the world of flowers, succulents and cacti have come a long way. Once considered solely a staple of the deserts of the southwest, succulents now adorn centerpieces at weddings and have prominent places in fine arts galleries. Why are succulents such a hot decorating trend these days? Easy! They’re simple to care for, and they fit into every lifestyle there is, from the most relaxed to the busiest.

Wondering how succulents might fit into your busy lifestyle?  Read on for four ways in which succulents are totally awesome for almost any home.

Succulents Are Sublime for Busy People.

Between cooking, cleaning, and working, the last thing a student or recent grad needs is another obligation. But, if you’d still like to improve your overall health by bringing some plant life into your home, why not consider succulents?

If your bright, sunny window sills are hopelessly bare, and you’d like to bring them some light,  consider lining higher window sills with colorful succulents. Succulents can take bright, direct sunlight, and they like heat. Plus, they require little in the way of water, with many only requiring a bit of water once or twice a week at most, so you won’t kill your plants when life gets a little on the busy side. You want to avoid over-watering as much as you want to avoid under-watering!

Travel Often? Succulents Can Fend for Themselves.

Did you know that some succulents, such as certain species of cacti, can live up to two years without any water? Cacti make the perfect houseplant for those who travel often for work or for those who just have hectic schedules that have them running in and out all the time.

To grow and thrive at their best, though, cacti do require access to sunlight. So if you tend to close the blinds tightly when you’re away, you may want to use your cacti only in upstairs rooms where ample sunlight is present.

That way, for safety reasons, you can keep your ground-floor curtains closed and still give your new houseplants the sunlight they need to grow. Cacti also do not tolerate cold well, so if you live in a colder climate and turn off the heat when you travel, you may want to keep the heat on low for your plants’ sake.

Downsizing? There’s Always Room for Succulents!

If you’re looking to downsize, you may find yourself giving away some of your beautiful, but space-eating plants, such as ficus and rubber trees, that they may not fit into your new abode.

But there’s no need for you to give up the number of houseplants you have. You may just need to switch to smaller plants that are less likely to grow out of control. Enter the versatile succulent! Many plant stores sell small potted containers of mixed succulents for very appealing prices. The best part? These plants will never outgrow their containers, so by investing in succulents, you’ll save both time and space in the future.

The Available Varieties Are Incredible!

Succulents have come a long way, in part due to the demand for more breeders to create new varieties of these easy-to-tend plants. As a result, succulents that will match any color scheme and décor style now abound. You don’t have to go with a Southwest theme in your home to enjoy the beauty of succulents. You can add a fun bit of color and reap the air-cleaning benefits with any decorating scheme.

Some fun succulents to try include the Crown of Thorns species, which blooms a lovely pinkish-rose shade. Likewise, the Flaming Katy, with its orange-to-bright-red blooms, can bring a shock of color to an otherwise dull color palette. For the living room, an area usually full of traditional houseplants, snake plants add a subdued look, while pincushion cacti add a subtle touch of color. For cooler rooms such as the bedroom, try jade plants or aloe vera.

Succulents for Everyone!

In addition to being easy to care for, succulents also offer a host of health benefits. Some succulents help purify the air, and others, such as aloe vera, offer additional healing benefits. It’s not unusual for folks with aloe plants to simply snap off a leaf and use the gel to heal minor wounds and burns.  

There are many reasons why succulents make great house plants. They are easy to care for and come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors! They truly are the house plant for anyone. Whatever your reason for wanting to improve your décor with plants, you can’t go wrong with this fun new trend!

Featured image via Pixabay


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