6 Reasons You Need To Pick Up Gardening

There is something relaxing about gardening, whether it be because of the sunshine in your face or the smell of freshly turned earth or maybe it is because of the cool breeze ruffling your hair. Whatever the reason, gardening has become a loved hobby instead of a necessity, as it was in years previous.

Some families will still plant a garden to offset rising food costs in virtually every country around the globe. With food shortages becoming an issue for some countries, a garden can be beneficial financially, mentally and physically.

Gardening can also offer people the chance to bond with their families or their neighbors as well as offering the chance to give back and complete good deeds through community gardens for lower-income housing areas.

Why You Should Pick Up Gardening!

  1.      Fresh food – When you purchase produce from your local grocery store, it can be hard to gauge the freshness of each item. Depending on the location where you live, food might have to be trucked or shipped to each store. This practice leaves the food you spend your hard earned money on less than desirable. The taste of fresh food is noticeably different from that of processed or older food.
  2.      Safer food – With all the horror stories in the media about pesticides and chemicals found on food from foreign countries, people are becoming more conscious of what they are putting in their body. With your own personal garden, you are aware of your food and where it comes from. You choose what methods will keep the bugs away and the type of soil in which your produce is planted.
  3.      Physically demanding – Gardening can be a pretty demanding task physically, when you factor in the hours spent bringing items from location to location and the various stretches performed to efficiently plant and harvest the vegetables. Gardening can actually burn around 500 calories depending on the length of time you are gardening with the movements performed differing on the task at hand; planting versus harvesting, etc. It is one of the hobbies that can combine both relaxation and exercise!
  4.      Save money – Everyone loves a way to save a few dollars here and there, especially with today’s rising costs on everything from fuel to clothing to food to vehicles. With a garden, food costs are reduced with noticeable difference. With careful planning and research, a garden could feed your family year-round, provided you have a specific storage area for vegetables. These savings are evident when determining the amount spent on food in previous cases in comparison to once you grow your own food. With extra money in your budget; it can easier to purchase something that was previously thought to be unattainable. If you are looking to save money trimming some trees, you may be able to search your area to save some money with The Local Tree Experts.
  5.      Mentally satisfying – Stress affects everyone in different ways and stress can be found in various forms. Gardening can be a stress reliever because it provides the chance to grab a little personal time and let the tensions of the day fade away with each swipe of earth. Studies conducted actually concluded that in some subject’s a decreased blood pressure was evident while gardening, with the effects lasting for approximately three hours. Frustrations from the day can be taken out on stubborn weeds and there is something primal with digging in the dirt. The sense of accomplishment and pride that is to be found when witnessing and enjoying the fruits of your labor is nothing to be ashamed of either!
  6.      It’s fun – Gardening can be a source of amusement and fun when deciding where to plant each item, what to plant in each plot of land, and can brighten your mood! Looking over an array of lush and colorful plants can be just plain enjoyable. It can be a solo project or one done with your family, strengthening bonds and instilling a good work ethic in younger children. Most of all, it can be a beautiful sight to enjoy, especially if you check out Natural Dwellers for the right tips for growing your garden.

Tips for a Healthy Garden

Some people are naturally born with a green thumb whereas others have to actively work at creating a productive garden. Regardless of your situation; it is possible to grow enough food for your family and even those around you.

With the proper tools, soil and drive; a garden can be in your cards. Ensure that you have nutrient-enriched soil to promote growth, a spade for digging through the earth, an adequate watering system including a hose with a hose timer attached , and a trowel for removing weeds and creating planting sections.

Some people also find it beneficial to start their seeds indoors with the use of a LED grow light system. This system consists of a strong light that will mimic the sun’s warmth and growing power, while seedlings are usually stored in a tray that is covered in nutrient-rich soil to encourage a strong and healthy root system. The trays also help eliminate mess from water buildup and damp earth. A LED grow light system is an excellent way to start seeds during winter months, to ensure what is being planted come spring is already rooted and showing active growth.

To find the best LED grow light system, research and talk to professionals about the different styles. At Backyard Boss, they have a comprehensive review done on the highest recommended systems, with pros and cons of each, pricing options, wattage, etc.

Talk to gardeners at your local nursery or consult gardening clubs on their tried-and-true methods for producing a rich garden overflowing with produce and flowers. Research what plants will survive and produce the best output in the weather conditions of the area in which you reside.

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  1. It could enhance your mental health and reduce stress levels because it’s an enjoyable exercise that lets you explore your creative side and offers you the chance to enjoy the sunshine’s radiation. It is known to know that vitamin D is healthy for our bodies as it reduces anxiety and keeps us feeling well.

  2. Of course, in order for the garden to please the eyes, you need to work on it. I love my garden and have now decided to start buying furniture and create a separate storage area for gardening tools and equipment. I managed to find excellent outdoor storage and various types of greenhouses. For me, as a gardening enthusiast, this is necessary, so now I am filling the basket so that I can get it all quickly into my updated garden.


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