5 Simple Ways To Make Your New Place Feel Like Home

Adding your own personal flares to your dorm room or apartment can be a little overwhelming, but it is also a great way to make you feel more comfortable in your new home away from home. It’s such a satisfying feeling to return from a long day of classes, work, events, and studying to a space where you feel comfortable enough to fully relax and unwind. If such unwinding sounds appealing to you and yet you’re unsure of how to reach that happy place, here’s some ideas to help you get excited about decorating your new humble abode:


Sometimes, harsh fluorescent ceiling lights can make you feel like you’re in a doctor’s office instead of your new home. To help lighten the mood, literally, small lamps in the corners of your dorm room or apartment will make your space feel warm and cozy. Also, small strings of lights around the tops of your walls can give a welcoming and festive flare. (Don’t forget power strips!)


One of the keys to keeping your space feeling roomie is finding the correct storage options. For example, instead of having your closet on the brink of exploding any time you attempt to close it, try finding a cute chest to hold your seasonal clothing in while also using the chest as a cute coffee table. For small items such as keys and jewelry, use decorative bowls and plates to hold them.


Candles and incense are cute personal touches, not to mention they smell amazeballs. You can mix and match candle colors, sizes, and scents. With incense, there are many different options of censers (incense holders). They can vary from looking like a plate decorated with constellations or a small animal figurine. However, if you’re in a dorm you may have to be sneaky with these items; please don’t be that person who sets off the fire alarm.

Bring you place to life.

You may not be able to have a pet but you can have some plants! Fill your windowsill with color changing succulent plants and cacti. These small plants are easy to care for and give a little extra green or blue, or purple, or red to your place. Succulent plants are known to change color over time depending on moisture, sunlight, and other environmental factors. Many cacti bloom flowers and are also known for their unique shapes and sizes; a perfect way to liven up your place.

Get personal.

Have your space be specific to you and your interests. Express yo self! If you enjoy playing instruments, put them out on display (that is if you’re willing to let your bozo musically challenged friend give your guitar a go). Use your creativity and love of knitting to make some cute fuzzy coasters or a throw blanket! Take your cool collection and make it a personal exhibit! Whether it’s books, CDs, rocks, ticket stubs, sports team memorabilia etc.

Have your place reflect what makes you unique. You don’t need to stress about making things perfect, your place can still be comfy and cozy with its little quirks. And let’s be honest, those quirks are what makes your home irreplaceable.

Featured image via cottonbro on Pexels


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