Why You Need To Always Love Beyond Your Fears

Love beyond what others tell you, love beyond what the world tells you to love. In this world we need to be able to have faith and hope that days will come where everything will be better. It is not a guarantee and never should be simply because we all know that this world is covered in darkness, but we all have a mission: to spread love beyond fear. Spread love beyond receiving it because it is much more than wanting something in return.

Love your soul and love what you bring to the table. Don’t let politics, or people’s negative words or thoughts bring you down. We can all be a light and a stepping stone in this world, but we all must take that first step. The world may bring you down, but it can’t hold you down because you are the positive energy that is needed at this time more than ever! We don’t all have to suffer with the pain we hold onto, and we can all rise up from the injustices that we see.

So what if these past two years in politics haven’t been what we expected? Does that mean you give up hope and say “to hell with America?” That’s where we battle the naysayers and take it upon ourselves to bring joy into a system that wants to see our downfall. It seems like joy, hope, and love are futile these days, but who said the journey would be easy? If you woke up today, see it as a blessing and see it as a way to believe that you are here for a reason. You have a purpose, and whatever that is, do it to your full ability.

You are amazing. You may not know it yet, but you have the spark in you to change the world! You may not believe it, but I do. I believe in you without you realizing how much I appreciate you as a human. We as humans give up too easily when we don’t see positive results quickly. In our day and age, we want everything so fast and in the now that we forget what patience and virtue is Let’s be the generation who comes into our own, and becomes the difference towards the future.

Put your worries to the side, and breathe the air you breathe magically. Don’t let anyone shut you down or tell you that you can’t be who you were destined to be. Be the positive one in situations that are dark, be the patriot in this war of love and hate we are facing; be you, unapologetically. At the end of the day, love beyond fear; ‘cause that’s all we have.

Photo by Brandon Young on Unsplash


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