7 Ways To Stop Being So Stressed Out All The Time

You might be a bit stressed this time of year; whether it be for finals or a big project at work. Either way, there seems to be a lot of negative energy that gets us a bit stressed this time of the year. Here are a couple of ways we can treat ourselves and handle our stress.

  1. Put that phone down.

Though it can be tempting to be checking the latest twitter drama, it’s better to take a day off.  You won’t miss much other than the last new thing the Kardashians are up too. Keep yourself busy throughout the day by doing other things like taking a walk or catching up on chores.

  1. Light some relaxation.

Remember that candle you bought a while ago but have never lit? Now’s the time to take it out from your cabinet. Research has shown that candles help soothe your anxiety, stress, and depression help your headaches. You can finally get the sleep you’ve been missing out on!

  1. Paper and pen your thoughts.

Writing things down helps you get things off your mind. If you happen to have a lot of things to do, write them down. It will help relieve your stress as you outline everything you need to do. It’s helpful to see everything on your “to do” list and check it off one-by-one.   

  1. Sweat some stress away.

Working out regularly can reduce your stress and anxiety levels. It’s time to take out the running shoes and give yourself a few hours to devote to doing some cardio. Another option is taking a yoga class or hitting the weight room. Or just a walk around town is good enough.

  1. A nap never hurt anyone.

A nap can be beneficial especially if there seems to be no end to the stress. Napping has been proven to reduce stress levels and health problems. So, if you’re feeling a little overwhelmed and a little tired, set aside an hour to catch up on your sleep. You’ll be thankful you did.

  1. Listen to some tunes.

Music can help ease people. It has helped reduce stress levels. You can listen to this anywhere between starting your day and ending your day; it’s something you can do at any moment. Here are some soothing playlists to help you:

Peaceful Meditation

Easy Acoustic

Hanging Out and Relaxing

  1. Socialize.

It’s time to make a coffee date with friends or family members. Sitting down and socializing with people you feel comfortable around can help you calm down and get focused. Plus, you can get a couple of laughs and advice along the way.

Whether you’re feeling stressed from work, school, or life in general, take some time to make some time to step back and breathe. Taking time for your mental and physical health is essential as that deadline you must meet quickly approaches.

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