How To Keep The Joy Alive Even After The Holidays

Christmas is the season of joy, hope, and jolly-merry-making. There seems to be magic in the air from the day after Thanksgiving until we crash in bed on December 25th. The holiday season is one big high. But with every high comes a crash and typically two different things can happen:

1) We have the most beautiful Christmas and then fall into a depression over the fact that the holiday frenzy is over. Every cookie has been eaten, every kiss under the mistletoe has been experienced, and every present chosen with care has been unwrapped. The joy has been replaced with mundane regular life. Letdown happens.

2) We need to recover from the stress of spending a few days straight with family members who may or may not like the gifts that you hectically chose for them. Also, you’re five pounds heavier and feel hungover from the two bottles of wine you chugged to make it through all the “happy family time.” Stress happens.

Whichever group you fall into, there are a few ways that we can all keep the joy after the Christmas craze.

Have some alone time and do something you enjoy

Whether it’s a hot bath followed by a Netflix binge or a walk through a park, some detox is in order after a busy holiday. We need human interaction, but too much of it can leave is stressed and anxious. Remind yourself what your own company is like and take a breather from all the chaos.

Do something selfless for somebody else

Adding in some more “me time” does not let us off the hook when it comes to doing good things for other people. Christmas is very materialistic: presents, decorations, wining, and dining. This is all great for a season, but after the holidays, it’s important to refocus and remember what truly matters. Volunteer your time or donate your things.

Pick up a healthy habit and get your body moving

A month of excess food and alcohol can leave us feeling lazy, overweight, and tired. Find something fun to add into your daily routine that helps your body get back into pre-Christmas shape. Maybe find a Yoga or Kickboxing class or try something a little adventurous. From repelling to pole dancing classes, laugh a lot, and move your body.

Plan a “Just Because” Celebration

Celebrations shouldn’t just follow holidays or major achievements. Sometimes we should just celebrate because we want to, because we are alive. Invite the people who make you laugh and make your life a little brighter. Let some time pass from the madness of the holidays, and have a low-key celebration with the people you love being around…just because!

There’s nothing quite like the holiday season. Though it always comes to an end, there’s no need to suffer from a crash. With these tips you can refocus and keep the joy flowing all year long.

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