9 Things You Only Understand When You’re An Actual Adult

In the last month, I’ve had the pleasure of having to shop for a new dishwasher and being involved in a hit and run car accident. We have to look for the humor in everything, though, so I’ve compiled a list of 9 things I feel like you don’t really do until you are out on your own as an adult:

  1.   Buying Household Appliances
    I had no idea all the details there would be to consider when purchasing something as simple as a dishwasher or a refrigerator until the time came to look into it. It’s a complicated process!

  1.   Going to Sleep Before 10 p.m. Consistently
    Let’s be honest: after commuting through traffic and spending a whole day working, the last thing you want to do is go out on the town with your besties… You just want to put on pajamas, order take-out, and binge something on Netflix until you fall asleep. When did life become so exhausting?

  1.   Investing for Retirement
    Putting money into a retirement fund or even a savings account instead of blowing it on shoes or gadgets takes some serious adult effort, but someday it might make the difference between working until you die or enjoying your 60s and beyond.

  1.   You Can Predict the Weather with Your Body
    You know you used to laugh at grandma when she’d tell you it was going to rain because her knees were aching, but sadly it’s all become too true! Personally I get a sinus headache and my left arm aches about 12-24 hours before any major shift in weather…It’s really not that great.

  2.   Dealing with Insurance Claims for an Auto Accident
    Owning a car is amazing, until someone hits you and drives off, leaving you on the phone and filling out paperwork for days at a time.

  1.   Remembering to Send Birthday Cards to Family
    Your aunt had an address book with a page in the front to write all those important dates. Your version may be reminders on Google Calendar or your contacts app, but it all serves the same purpose, right? Also, we will say e-cards or Facebook posts count as well.

  1.   Getting Yearly Physicals with a Primary Care Doctor
    Long gone are the days of eating White Castle at 2:00 am and going days without drinking water, as are the days of going without a primary care doctor and going years avoiding their office like the plague.

  2.   Getting a Massage to Alleviate Aches and Pains, Not Just to “Treat Yo’ Self”
    Last week I literally could not move without my back tensing and hurting, so it was time for a 90-minute massage! Now I can actually bend over again!
  3.   Couponing or Bargain Shopping Becomes A Way of Life
    Part of it is the thrill of a bargain, but part of it is also just the fact that you no longer want to spend more than you must on anything. Whether it’s clipping paper or digital deals, scoping out Slickdeals while at work, or going to Aldi, you’ve got saving a few dollars down!

Obviously, there’s so much more to being an adult than this short slide of memes can ever portray, but it is a humorous start. What would you add?

Photo by averie woodard on Unsplash


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