What I Hope You Finally Find Someday

My hope for everyone out there is that someday they are able to find happiness, not just within themselves, but also someone to share that happiness with. That they are able to see a reflection of themselves in another person that makes them feel whole. As if a piece of them was missing all along and that they are able to compliment themselves with the addition of someone new. That they find the love within someone else that makes the world a better place.

I hope that someday, somewhere that special someone gives you the love that you deserve. That they make you feel special and as if you are the only person in the world that can ever make them feel this good. That they remind you each and every single day that you are special beyond words and that no one can make them feel as happy as you do.

I hope that someday, somehow you are able to love with all of your heart. That you aren’t afraid to give yourself over to someone else and that you are able to trust them with everything in you. That there is no doubt in your mind that you have found the right person for your future and that you can jump without the fear of falling on your own.

I hope that someday, someone tells you that you are the one. That you are their penguin. That they have been searching for you all along and that they will not be happy until they know that they can have you forever. That you are the one that they are meant to grow old with and nothing will ever change that.

With all these wishes for you, I hope that someday, somewhere there is a person that can provide me with this happiness too. That there is someone out there that can prove to me that my faith in people is rightfully placed and that all of my hopes for love can come true. That all the heartbreak of my past was just a fluke and that there are still good people left in this world. That I just got handed some unlucky cards and that there is still someone out there for everyone, including myself.

I hope that someday, somehow I find a better outcome than what I have been faced with so far. That all these endings have been leading up to a beautiful beginning. That all the doors have closed to the wrong people so that someday one will open to the right one. That through all the difficult moments, there is a beautiful sunset waiting to be seen. That somewhere, someone is thinking the exact things while looking for someone like me.

I hope that someday, someone reads these words and thinks,I could have loved her better than he ever could have. I could have given her not only everything she wanted but everything she needed. I could have shown her a world of possibilities and that I could be the one to change her views on love. I will be the one to prove her wrong..”

Feature image via Anastasia Shuraeva on Pexels


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