10 Non-Dating Apps That Will Improve Your Love Life

There’s an app for pretty much everything these days but it’s fair to say that many only serve to take up valuable storage space on your phone (thanks, Apple). What people might not be aware of is that there are some must-download apps that can inject some life into your love-life and we’re not just referring to the infamous Bumble, Tinder or Grindr. Perhaps you’re in a relationship and things are moving along steadily but you feel drowned out due to your guy or girl’s obsession with their phone?

Well, then it’s time to push the gas pedal on your relationship and take you back to the honeymoon stage. The guys over at Carvaka put together an infographic of apps that you need to try based on your relationship goals and they rated them in terms of review scores and outlined some of the features and benefits. Check it out below to light some fire in your love life:

Featured image via Jeremy Banks on Unsplash


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