4 Things You Need To Road-Trip Like A Pro

My husband and I decided that as part of our break between husband graduating college and starting medical school we wanted to do some traveling. Nothing crazy, but we have a few trips planned since we won’t be able to travel much, if at all, for at least the next four years.

However, because our home base right now is Fresno, we only have immediate access to a small (and expensive) airport so we have spent a decent amount of time in the car driving to Vegas or LA for our flights.

I have always been good in the car. Like, from the time I was a little kid. I have always had a pretty active imagination and so as a little kid, I would sit in the car and come up with stories about what was happening around me. Even now as an adult, I tend to get lost in thought and being in the car is the perfect time to do that.

However, most people (including Husband) require some form of entertainment while we drive. So, here are my ideas for how to keep yourself entertained while you drive.

1. Games

This is the best way to keep the driver entertained. Husband’s favorite game is 20 questions. It works out well for me to pick something and for husband to try to figure it out. It gives him something to think about on the drive and I can mostly continue doing my own thing.

Other options would be the License Plate Game, I Spy, or the Alphabet Game. If you have creative people then Would You Rather is also fun!

2. Podcasts

Husband is not a big podcast person so this isn’t something we have done together, but if your travel buddy is interested then I would recommend podcasts. They are also perfect for your commute.

Here is a list of my favorite podcasts if you haven’t already gotten into listening to podcasts:

Murder Mystery:


Self-Improvement (Democratic Leaning):

3. Audio Books

Right alongside podcasts are audio books. I am a paper copy book kind of person, but on one trip, husband and I listened to a book we were both really interested in and it made the time go by pretty fast. It is rare that there is a book we both want to read, but if you and your travel buddy have the same taste in books then this works out well! It also allows you to “read” while not leaving the driver bored. We used our one month trial of Audible which is what I would recommend if you are thinking about trying it out.

Some favorite books to consider (either audio or hard copy):

4. Journaling

If you aren’t the driver and aren’t worried about entertaining the driver, then a great thing to do is to journal what happened on your trip. This is something I have gotten out of the habit of, but that I did when I was on my Study Abroad in Europe. We were traveling to different countries every few days and I would spend my time on the bus either sleeping or journaling our trip. I ended up with a detailed journal of everything we saw and did during my Study Abroad which is a great thing to have as a memory.

Some ideas for a travel journal here or here or here.

Send me your ideas!

Husband and I have a few more trips coming up and would love your suggestions. These are ours, but what works for you?

Photo by Dino Reichmuth on Unsplash

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