Why You Shouldn’t Travel Alone As Told By An Experienced Traveler

Travel alone, they said it would be fun.You are able to pick everything you do and anything you want to do. Travel alone because you’ll meet people, it’s okay, you’ll be alone for a plane ride, if that, but then you’ll be greeted with friends and people to spend your time with.

That is just what I did, I traveled all by myself, moved across the world actually, and was left believing it was a brave and great idea. Spoiler Alert: It was not.

This is not an article to bash traveling alone, so please don’t be discouraged if you are going to do it all on your own, but here are a few of my experiences and reasons to why I would have rather had my loved ones with me on this chapter of my travels.

1: It gets extremely lonely

When everyone tells you that you’ll be okay and that you’ll meet a lot of people, it is usually the extroverts that haven’t traveled alone before. The outgoing and extremely confident people, with the adosasity to explain that you’ll be fine when they haven’t experienced this before.

What did I learn from this?

It isn’t as great as it sounds. It gets very lonely, and you’ll notice it the minute you’re on the plane. Waiting for the bus, eating alone, and having to create small talk everywhere you go sucks. On the bright side of things, you do meet a lot of people, but you don’t have as much fun as you would while being with other people.

2: Cooking for one is awful

“You’ll be able to decide everything that you want, you have all the control, that’s awesome.”

What did I learn from this?

You always cook way too much and when you’re trying to save money for adventurous travels, and you’ll get very sick of $1 pasta with $2 sauce on it.

3: You spend a lot of time on your phone

“We’re only a phone call away, if you need anything just call us”

What did I learn from this?

Having all your family and friends at home can be nice and you have a lot of time to figure out what you truly want with your life and who you are, but you’re always on your phone trying to connect. I’m on my phone with a friend of mine at least twice a day explaining how lonely I am and how I wish I had someone with me. This is just a great example of why you should always get the higher data package within your phone.

Overall, I am not one for traveling alone for a long period of time. Sure, one or two weeks is always nice but for 4-8 weeks, that for sure is not for me. I am happy to experience this great amount of knowledge while traveling and exploring the world. I just know for next time that I need to keep the travels more frequent and shorter time spans or bring along some company!

Enjoy your travels <3

Feature image via Unsplash


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