5 Books That Will Make You Want To Read Again

As we are nearing the end of February (already?!?), we are dangerously close to the start of spring and the beginning of rainy, crappy days that demand some good books on the couch. Fortunately for you, we eliminated the question of what to read and selected our top 5 books to get you through the rainy season. Ranging from suspense to romance to historical fiction, we’ve covered all your bases so all you have to do is brew a pot of coffee and enjoy.

Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine

Dig a mind bender that will have you hooked from page one? This book will take you on an emotional roller coaster that will have you questioning your entire life. Eleanor Oliphant is…well…completely fine. She enjoys her normal, everyday life day in and day out totally alone, but it’s what’s going on beneath the surface of her everyday life that will keep you guessing. Best part about it? Reese Witherspoon’s new company Hello Sunshine just picked up rights to flip this book into a movie. Get it at Amazon here.

The Woman In The Window

Speaking of women who are completely fine, Anna Fox is completely not. Anna has developed a severe case of agoraphobia that has left her housebound for months and stripped her life of any norm whatsoever. Being stuck in the house has somehow made her the key witness in a serious crime that will leave you stuck in a suspenseful, page-turning frenzy. To put how intense this novel is in perspective, both Stephen King and Joe Hill are major fans. Snatch it up from Amazon here.


Looking for a book you can knock out in one sitting? Krysten Ritter (aka Jessica Jones) cooked up something that will have you addicted from page one and is perfect for an airport read. Abby Williams is a high school loser-turned-environment lawyer who is out to solve some old mysteries that have been lingering in the back of her mind since she graduated. The novel starts off as she pulls into her hometown for the first time in almost 10 years, so basically right where the drama begins. Grab a copy here.

The Music Shop

This easy read is different from the others on this list for the sole reason that it’s the only one from a man’s point of view. Frank owns a strictly vinyl music shop on a dead-end street in England and, up until now, has been totally fine being  single. Enter Ilse. Somehow this mystery woman is able to solve all of his problems, especially the ones at his store. But some problems don’t want to be solved and issues from his past keep threatening to resurface. Using songs to guide you through his emotional experience, you’ll be dying to know what happens next. Pick it up here.


This book is so mind-blowingly fantastic that Roxane Gay calls it one of her favorite books. Pachinko is a heavy read that takes on the lives of four generations of Koreans living in Japan and the struggles they face with racism, poverty, and homesickness for a place they’ve never seen. Despite the hardships, this book leaves you wondering what it means to be a good worker, a respectable man or woman, or an honorable person. If you’re into learning about different cultures and seeing a different side of struggle, this book will have you captivated and begging for more. Order your edition here.

So there you have it – our top 5 picks for your rainy weather survival. While all of these books are available on Amazon, you can also grab hardcover copies as an add-on for $9.99 with your Book of the Month subscription. (As an avid reader, I highly recommend it.) If you’re feeling inspired, join a book club and share your new finds! Enjoy!

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