7 Simple Tips To Help You Organize Your Life ASAP

If you admire someone in your life who has an extraordinary sense of organization and always seems to have everything in its rightful place, chances are they weren’t born that way — they learned techniques that helped them form this desirable sense of structure.

Whether you have a habit of forgetting where you placed something the moment that it leaves your hands, or simply want to learn healthy routines that make your daily activities a little easier, you can find a sense of harmony in your life — with a few organization tips, that is.

  1. Put Everything in Its Proper Place

If you mindlessly walk out of the kitchen with a spatula in your hand and lazily toss it onto the dining room table, don’t expect it to be where you think it should be the next time you plan on frying up a delicious grilled cheese.

It might be simple to toss your laundry on the floor, or let your groceries hang out by the front entrance as soon as you walk through the door and collapse on the coach, but remember that putting things where they belong is key to achieving the organization you desire.

  1. Declutter Messes Often

Do you remember those birthday presents you received last year and never used? Or, what about those stacks of clearance finds you couldn’t resist buying even though you didn’t need them? Now’s the time to put on those gloves and sort your way through to a more organized tomorrow.

You may think having all of your possessions within arm’s reach is necessary, but research studies show that too much stimuli limits your ability to process and focus. If you want to organize your life, begin by arranging your thoughts first.

Follow the “buy one, get rid of two” rule. Every time you purchase a new accessory or item that needs to be stored in your home, vow to donate two things that you no longer need or use. You’ll find managing clutter is not only simple but helps bring you the clarity you need too.

  1. Don’t Procrastinate

If you put off today what can always be done tomorrow, you may just find tomorrow will never come — and neither will your desired level of organization.

Psychologists suggest optimizing your environment to reduce the level of procrastination you confront daily. Try transforming your home into a procrastination-free zone by keeping unnecessary technology out of your office studio and inside your lounging areas instead.

  1. Work Slowly but Steadfastly

You may be familiar with the timeless expression “slow and steady wins the race,” and no words ring more true when it comes to organization.

If you wake up one morning and feel an overwhelming sense of motivation to get up and clean, make sure you don’t exhaust yourself too quickly — or too soon. Try spreading your tasks out throughout a few days or weeks to organize or re-arrange your house without draining yourself in the process. After all, what good is a clean home if you feel mentally and physically depleted after completing your tasks?

  1. Clean Your Entire Home

One of the most crucial steps to take when organizing your life is to start by cleaning your whole home. Your master bedroom or living room may be your sanctuary, but you can’t achieve total peace of mind when the rest of your home is cluttered. Incorporate less used rooms into your everyday cleaning plans, too.

Try starting off with your attic, garage, or basement — rooms many people use as a storage spaces for their unused or forgotten possessions. When organizing, try sorting your belongings into two piles — a keep pile and a donate section. Make use of wall space and shelving units for the goods you decide to keep.

  1. Make Journaling a Habit

Invest in an agenda or journal to keep track of your daily activities as a fresh reminder of what you need to do every day. You may have an impressive memory, but why try to remember every crucial task when an organizer can do the work for you?

If you’re not too keen on the idea of breaking out a notebook or pen and pencil every time you need to jot something down, consider downloading one of the top scheduling apps for your smartphone instead.

Remember that the key to success is pacing yourself, changing your daily habits, and being kind to yourself along the way. You can achieve the happiness and sense of harmony you’ve always desired — and accomplishing this goal is only a few organization steps away.

Photo by Kinga Cichewicz on Unsplash


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