How To Know If It’s Time To Clean Out Your Closet

Ever find yourself simply staring at the closet and thinking you have nothing to wear? The truth is, you don’t need to go shopping, you actually need less clothing. I just cleaned out my closet, and said goodbye to over half my clothes and donated it all to Goodwill. Yes. It was hard. But, I’m here to help you realize when it’s time to break up.

1. Does it make you feel good?

If something you have doesn’t make you feel confident in yourself when you wear it, it’s time to let go. If it doesn’t fit properly and makes you feel uncomfortable, it’s time to donate it. What’s the point of keeping that in your closet? For a chilly day? For a night out of town? No. Say goodbye. Because if you don’t feel good in it, you won’t wear it!

  1. It’s Junk

Do you have a favorite top with a stain on it? A pair of old jeans with some non-meant-to-be holes in it? Or, maybe a fav sweater that shrunk? If you are never going to repair these (let’s face it you won’t) get rid of them! They are simply junk taking up room in your closet.

  1. You wouldn’t buy it

If you have something in your closet that you wouldn’t buy if you saw it, it’s time to kick it to the curb. Even if you bought it last month, and it still has a tag on it. Apparently, you either bought it on sale, or your style has changed. It’s time to let go.

  1. Relevance

It’s one thing to be on the same team as your fellow Wildcats, but if you only went to one game while you were IN school, and never went back to visit as an alum, do you really need your little tee? It probably isn’t your color anyway, but if you have zero plans of calling yourself a Wildcat for the rest of your life, repping your team with your merch, it doesn’t have to haunt your closet.

  1. You keep trying it on but not wearing it out

I’m sure you have something in your closet you try on, but never actually wear it outside of your room. If you do this, chances are, you will never actually wear it in public. Maybe you feel awkward, unconfident, or you just don’t have anywhere to wear it too. Instead, make room for something you will put on and leave your bedroom wearing!

  1. It doesn’t fit

Ladies, it’s time to say adios to those clothes we keep that don’t fit us. Why do we keep jeans that are too tight for us? Is it something to look at to help us reach our weight loss goal? I hate to break it to you, but your body could just be changing into a woman figure. Maybe American Eagle jeans don’t fit you the same anymore, because you’re a lady and not a teen anymore. Your body is shifting, it’s normal! It’s time to donate clothes that don’t fit you. Tidy up your closet!

  1. It’s outworn

Is the underwire of your bra beginning to poke through, or are your bras starting to lose their shape? Do you find your shirts are stretched out, and clothes are just not fitting the way they used to? It’s time to go shopping because apparently, you have worn out your clothes.

Clothes are a piece of who we are and woven into the fabric are memories we’ve made.  Letting go of it all can be difficult. Saying goodbye to these items in our closets don’t mean those tales are forever gone, it’s just time to carry them on in new ways.

Collaboration with Ky GrabowskiCassandra Marie Vella

Featured image Jakob Owens on Unsplash


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