10 Organizational Apps That Will Help Get Your Life Together

It is not easy keeping everything we have to do, remember, get, purchase, take, or file in one place. In fact, it can be downright stressful to keep it all straight sometimes.

The good news is that we live in an amazingly digital age. With mini-supercomputers in our hands all day, every day, we already turn to our phones for literally everything else in our life. So why not organization too?

You can. It’s the second piece of good news about organization: there’s an app for that.

Actually more than one app. So with your sanity in mind, we have come up with a list of 9 apps that can help you stay organized and live a little more stress-free in your day-to-day life.

Here they are, you’re welcome:

1. Simple Mind

For creative types, Simple Mind is simply cool. It’s a mind mapping tool that allows you to brainstorm and organize ideas, analyze, and share with friends or group members right at the tap of your finger. No more searching for pen and paper. Sync your creative space to Dropbox and import images and other visuals for effect.   

2. If (If This Then That)

The IFTTT app brings nearly 300 apps together in one place. You can keep up with documents for school or work on Google Drive, exercise regime on Fitbit and music playlists for every season of life on Spotify. This app allows you to literally “do more with the services you love.”  


This doesn’t exactly have to do with organization. Oh, yes, it does. This app allows you to pre-purchase your coffee with its super prepaid plans. And if you’re a big traveler, you can spot a coffee shop right on the app.

4. Eve

This app is a blend between a period tracker, reminder service, and calendar. It’s super helpful if you are forgetful about taking that birth control pill or even if you just need a place to log what’s happening in your love life. Not to mention that it also has a community aspect so you have the ability to see how other girls are dealing with the stress of life, love, and health.

5. Todoist

Get more things done with Todoist. Manage all your projects and tasks from anywhere in the world, steer clear of distractions with the app’s intuitive design, and collaborate with colleagues, family, friends on any project in real time. Todoist also serves as a goal scheduler where you can set weekly and monthly goals and check them off when you’re done.

6. 24me

Everyone needs a “smart personal assistant”. And you can have one with 24me. It connects to every part of your life – family, school, work, bills, and friends – so you never have to remember what’s due or who you have to meet with next. Receive reminders, pay bills, and send gifts all in one central location.

7. LastPass

We all forget a password to one of our many online accounts every now and then. Avoid that headache with LastPass. This app stores all your user IDs and passwords securely and allows you to access it using one master password. Quickly search memberships and accounts in a secure online vault. It can autofill information and even help you create stronger passwords.   

8. Wunderlist

Schedule and get done even the smallest things with Wunderlist. From a weekly shopping list to a work presentation to a holiday party, multitasking just got a bit easier. Set due dates and reminders so you’ll never miss a deadline. Communicate certain lists with others such as spouses and children, add notes, and set up push notifications.  

9. Pocket

So Pocket is similar to bookmarks on your web browser… just in an app. Currently integrated into over 500 applications, while surfing the internet or scrolling through social media, save any video, link, or text to Pocket and bring it up later without having to search for it. Customize your reading experience on the app and receive content based on personal selections. The content you save syncs across multiple devices.

10. Evernote

All your ideas, projects, and notes-to-self can be synced to Evernote allowing you to access it on any device wherever you are. Organize text, video, audio, and other documents into notebooks in the app. Have a team? Connect with them and share your projects or ideas and provide feedback.

Organization can be hard. We get that and we hope these apps help at least a little bit with the stress of everything life tends to throw your way. Give a couple of these a try! (or all of them). We promise you won’t regret it. And even if you do, you can just delete the app. I mean it’s just an app, not a lifetime commitment.  

Collaboration with Allie Braun

Featured Image via Pexels


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